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Release Notes


What are the TAP Release Notes?  

Periodically new features and product updates are delivered to our customers - release notes capture the work that was done. Select a link to view the feature enhancements and bug fixes that were released with each new version of TAP!

Major Releases 2023

Release Notes Release Version(s) Key Enhancements
March 2023 Release Notes Client Tickets

February 2023 Release Notes Collab Stage Groups, New API Endpoint, Dashboard Open In New Tab
January 2023 Release Notes Client Tickets

Major Releases 2022

Release Notes Release Version(s) Key Enhancements
November 2022 Release Notes 1.11/ Groups for Collaboration Stage, New User Search Options
September 2022 Release Notes 1.10 Document Field/Upload Updates, Client Requests, Collaboration Stage Updates
August 2022 Release Notes 1.9.1/ Next Signer Updates, Client Tickets
July 2022 Release Notes 1.9 Dashboard 2.0 Updates; Client Tickets
July 2022 Release Notes 1.8.3 Client Tickets
June 2022 Release Notes 1.8.2 Docusign Integration Updates and Client Tickets
May 2022 Release Notes 1.8.1/ Client Tickets
March 2022 Release Notes 1.8/ Group Role Delegation, Dashboard Performance Updates
January 2022 Release Notes 1.7.4 New Adobesign oAuth Endpoint


Major Releases 2021

Release Notes Release Version(s) Key Enhancements
November 2021 Release Notes 1.7.3 New Button Field, From Access and Form Mapping updates, Copy/ paste stages and relationships, New user search feature
May 2021 Release Notes  1.6/1.6.1/1.6.2/1.6.3/1.6.4/1.6.5 New API Endpoint, Document Field Enhancements, File Upload Control

April 2021 Release Notes


Doc Field Updates, Form Mapping for Workflow Records, Front End Generic Grid Configuration Access
March 2021 Release Notes 1.4 Doc Library Updates
February 2021 Release Notes 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 Salesforce Lookup Available in Form Mapping, Minutes Designation for Auto Submit Delay
January 2021 Release Notes 1.3.1 API Endpoint for Audit Log Information, Use Form Fields In Doc Builder Name, TC Integration Templates


Minor Releases 2021

Dates Release Version(s) Notes

Staging 4/28/21 and 5/7/21

Production 5/11/21


Release Notes

Staging 4/20/21

Production 4/22/21


Release Notes

Staging 4/13/21

Production 4/14/21


Release Notes

Staging 3/30/21

Production 4/4/21


Release Notes

Staging 3/8/21

Production 3/11/21


Release Notes

Previous Releases

2020 Releases 2019 Releases 2018 Releases 2017 Releases


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