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TAP Release Notes August ’17

TAP has always been easy to use. But we recently gave our Workflow Dashboard and Designer tools makeovers, making it even more pleasant to build and deploy workflows. We aren’t cutting anything out, we’re just making the experience even more user friendly. Not only are the visuals cleaner and more appealing, but we’ve beefed up our form field functionality, our integration capabilities, and more!

What are the ThinkSmart Release Notes?

Every quarter, we deliver new features and product updates that are born from our commitment to our customers. If you have a new feature request, be sure to log it in Jira. TAP can move mountains because you’ve told us what you want.

How do the updates work?

We first deploy our new release features on our staging environments and then later deploy them on production. We do this to give you a taste of what’s to come before we are ready for everything to go live on production.

Designer and Workflow UI

  • Building your workflows has gotten more intuitive.
  • We’ve redesigned the form builder for a friendlier experience, and made the Workflow Builder beautiful.

Form Field Features

  • New Spreadsheet Form Type.
  • Updated prepopulation rules for address fields.
  • Updated Formulas.
  • Improved Datepicker
  • New Tap Signature Field Type
  • New Captcha Field Type
  • Validate a text field as a phone number or SSN
  • Conditionally hide wizard sections
  • Flexibility in toggling between the Wizard and Normal View

Stage Features

Relationship Features

  • Updated Notification Merge Logic
  • Auto Submit triggered by dynamic date
  • See the Audit Trail from an email notification
  • eSignature providers offer a 2FA option for signers on SMS

Integrations Updates

  • External API now supports OAuth 2 authentication
  • Users can configure custom rules to reject erroneous API calls
  • External API now available at the stage level
  • New Push to FTP Property
  • External Grid Data Source no longer requires a filter parameter
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