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Featured Training Courses

illustration-application-overview.pngApplication Overview

The first thing you see upon logging in to TAP is the Workflow Dashboard. In this tutorial, learn how to navigate and then customize the dashboard, and then dive into the Designer tool and build your own workflow.

illustration-advanced-form-builder.png Advanced Form Builder

Discover the complex functionality hidden in the form builder and practice using data sources.

illustration-stages-relationships.png Stages and Relationships

Explore the Designer’s functionality at the Stage and Relationship level, and test your knowledge.





Knowledge Base Resources

Collaboration Stage

The Collaboration Stage is a new TAP workflow concept, allowing unstructured components to be embedded within your structured business process.

eSignature Support

Learn to use eSignature Support to configure your documents to be sent for signature.

Using Alternative Languages

Multi-Language support has been enabled by new TAP feature. Learn how to use this tool to enable end-users to select their own language.





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