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Application Overview

TAP Fundamentals Training 1: 

How to Begin Designing a Workflow

  1. FORM - Creating the intake fields

- Drag fields, name, dropdown, upload, date picker

- Form style and settings

- Name fields & elements / add options

- Required, validated, repository

- Adding sections and moving fields


  1. WORKFLOW -  build the business logic to route the form

-  Stage

- Relationship


  1. Roles - A basic feature of a workflow is making sure they go from one person to another

- Options: general 

- Requester: predefined role 

- Add additional role: specific to dynamic 

- Registered user: Particular, pull from AD

- Not registered user: outside user/ partner

- Get user from a form: Validated from email field *note all users need an email 

- Selected user: from a drop-down (like a drop-down manager in NDA)

- Group: create a group, dept, triage 

- See how this is used for group email 


  1. FORM ACCESS- connects what we see from the form to the workflow

- Form Access at each stage

Show - show form element.

Hide - do not show form element.

Show previous result - display the previous result as text.

Show and edit result - display the previous result and allow to edit it.

 - Default as hidden


Additional Resources for Success:

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