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Getting Started Checklist

This page leads you to getting started guide for new TAP accounts.

Welcome to TAP! Below is an implementation list for your review.

Workflow Requirements Documentation

Whether you're designing your form yourself or having help from Professional Services outlining your process will help determine the steps and actions needed throughout the workflow. 

What are the steps in your workflow? This will determine where notifications need to be
sent, what information is being collected, and what documents need to be signed.

Reminder: This is a perfect opportunity to streamline and redesign the process. Some
helpful questions to ask:

  • What corporate or department goal is this helping advance?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Are there any pain points in the current process?
  • What takes the longest in the current process? How can we eliminate that or
  • speed it up? Is that step needed?
  • What’s missing from today’s process? Is there anything you wish you had?
  • What is the most manual step in today’s process? Brainstorm ways to solve that.

Staging and Production Environment Fulfillment

Our hosting team will create your sites for staging and production. Part of that process includes the following

  • Creating Admin User Account: The Hosting Team will create a user account for your site admin. This user will be tasked with adding each additional individual requiring access during the workflow configuration project. Please provide this user to your Mitratech Account Representative or you Implementation Team. 
  • Configuring SSO: To set up SSO with TAP we will need to work with your IT team. When you are ready to set this up you can create a ticket by emailing with the subject SSO Setup or contact your project team to coordinate. As this process can take several weeks, please open this request in advance. 
  • Setting Up User Imports: While not required, many clients proceed with the integration importing users into TAP, usually from an HR system of record. This ensures appropriate users at your company is set up with a user in TAP. For more information on setting up user imports go here
  • eSignature Selection: This is set up during your site fulfillment. By default, it is set as Adobe sign. If you are using DocuSign please reach out to TAP Support at
  • Out of the Box Integrations: Please let your Mitratech Account Representative or you Implementation Team know if you plan to use the out of the box integration options including Salesforce and Teamconnect. Read more on Integrations.
  • TAP Analytics - If you have purchased Analytics for your TAP site, the Mitratech team or your implementation partner will need to configure the dashboard for you. In order to do this they will need:
    • A list of all the fields you would like to be able to report on in Sisense. You will need to include the field name, element number, and what you would like the field to be called in Sisense, and the field type (text string, date, etc).  
    • The second type of requirements needed are the actual dashboards/widgets that you'd like the see on your report.  Examples would be the number of requests by assignee, types of requests by a specific field, number of requests per week/month/year, etc.  Note, if you have multiple workflows you want to report on we can combine all of that into one report, but please signify which workflow corresponds to which widget or if you'd like the widget to include all workflows.
    • Analytics are available in Production only. For best results, configure analytics when a representative data set exists in Production.

Before you go live

User Acceptance Testing: UAT is a key stage in any project and is critical to a successful implementation. Review this  UAT Preperation Guide before going live. UAT will confirm the workflow functions as designed and that the design that has been implemented is fit for purpose for actual end users who will be using the workflow following go-live.

Moving to Production: Follow this go-live checklist for a smooth transition from staging to production. 

Promote and Manage Change

When introducing change to a process it is important to actively manage the associated messaging in order to drive adoption and success.

  • Identify stakeholders affected by the change
  • Outline benefits for each group
  • Set proper expectations around adherence to the change and timing

For more information on Change Management see: Change Management Tips and Tricks

Mitratech TAP Support

To open a support ticket view the Customer Connect Portal. Open new cases, view and edit existing cases and exchange messages with our Support team. For additional support resources view the Support Handbook.

Be a Part of the TAP Community!

Once your workflow is live, the final step is adding the use case to the Co-Innovation Center and joining our Community of TAP super users. Submit your use case with this survey. View previously submitted use cases here

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