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Mitratech Support Handbook

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Support Handbook

April 2024



This handbook outlines the Mitratech Support Policy and is a guide to using Mitratech Support. We reserve the right to change these policies to stay aligned with our goal of offering an outstanding support experience.


For your convenience we provide the ability to open support cases via email, phone, or directly through our portal:


Corporate Legal Compliance and TAP standard support (unlimited or by incident) is available Monday through Friday, 7AM to 7PM Central Standard Time, excluding published holidays. For clients that have purchased premium extended support, those hours of coverage are from 7 PM Sunday through 7 PM Friday US Central Standard Time, excluding published holidays.

Governance Risk Compliance standard support (unlimited or by incident) is available Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:30PM local time, excluding published holidays. 

Human Resources Compliance standard support (unlimited or by incident) is available Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM US Central Standard Time, excluding published holidays. 


If you need technical support above and beyond your contract, you can purchase a block of hours for an additional fee. Please send your requests via Support Case at least two weeks ahead of time so that we are able to arrange for a dedicated support engineer to assist you.

Support is also available off hours to be on-call for assistance with upgrades. Contact us for information and fee structure for on-call support.

Support + (1) 888.784.7224


Mitratech shall provide the following support services as appropriate to address your issues:

  • A technical customer support representative to answer your help desk questions regarding Mitratech software
  • Assistance with errors related to product releases
  • Troubleshooting of Mitratech software integration issues
  • Help identifying and isolating the source of errors or failures, to the extent practicable
  • A bridge between you and the third-party software technical support department, if purchased through Mitratech
  • Mitratech’s published product documentation

Mitratech shall provide the following maintenance services as appropriate to address your issues: 

  • Updates to the Mitratech software as soon as reasonably possible
  • The use of commercially reasonable efforts to correct reported errors or failures
  • Workarounds in lieu of the availability of a product fix


To facilitate the support process, please ensure the person requesting technical support has:

  • Received proper training in the related area
  • Referred to and reviewed the proper documentation and reference materials
  • Performed due diligence in addressing the issue
  • Is an authorized contact for Mitratech Support

When requesting assistance and to ensure a timely response, please provide the following upon opening a support case:

  • Product line
  • Subject of the issue
  • Your assessment of the severity level of the issue
  • Description of the issue:
    • The steps taken to replicate and reproduce the issue or the error
    • Product version number  
    • On premise clients
  • Application server type and version  
  • Database server type and version
  • Attachments including:
    • Screenshot(s) of the error messages/error text  
    • Supporting documentation for a specific configuration or a business process that is not working properly per specification  

Once a ticket is open, please provide responses by replying to the email assigning the tracking number to the case or identifying the case by number in direct communications to help us track all relevant information on the issue.

In the course of providing a resolution, we may ask to set up a mutually convenient conference call and/or a live meeting to better understand the issue or to walk you through addressing the problem.


When reporting an issue, please make sure to communicate the Severity Level to ensure a proper and satisfactory response and resolution:

  • Severity Level 0
    (Managed Hosting and SaaS solutions only)
    A Severity Level 0 Issue occurs when the hosted Mitratech system is not operational, not reachable, or unresponsive to the point of being unusable. Mitratech will respond as soon as possible and no later than one (1) hour from the time the incident is detected by our monitors or reported by our client. Diagnosis and repair of the issue will commence immediately thereafter and will continue until a solution has been developed.
  • Severity Level 1
    A Severity Level 1 issue occurs when there is a critical fault that results in a complete system outage or major application failure which prevents our client from performing a critical business process that has immediate financial impact, or there is an impact to data integrity with no workaround available. Mitratech will respond as soon as possible and no later than two (2) business hours from the time the client first reports the issue. Diagnosis and repair of the issue will commence immediately thereafter and will continue until a solution has been developed. If the issue cannot be resolved within 24 hours, Mitratech may, at the client’s request and expense, dispatch a technician to the client’s site until the issue has been resolved if such a presence is helpful.
  • Severity Level 2
    A Severity Level 2 issue occurs when there is a serious fault that prevents the execution of a critical business process causing disruption of a major business function, causing serious impact on daily functions or processing with no acceptable workaround. Mitratech will respond as soon as possible and no later than four (4) business hours from the time the client first reports the issue. Diagnosis and repair of the issue will commence immediately and will continue until a solution has been developed. Additionally, Mitratech will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide an immediate workaround to allow continued use of the Mitratech software.
  • Severity Level 3
    A Severity Level 3 issue occurs when there is a fault that does not prevent the execution of a critical business process and does not impact data integrity or the issue may be circumvented using an available workaround. Mitratech will respond as soon as possible and no later than one (1) business day. Diagnosis and repair of the issue will attempt to provide a workaround solution. A solution may be incorporated in a future release.
  • Severity Level 4
    A Severity Level 4 issue occurs when there is a fault with low business impact, a cosmetic problem, or an inquiry. Mitratech will attempt to diagnose and repair such issues on a time available basis, with the cooperation of the client. A solution may be incorporated in a future release.


The status of a case may be checked at any time by contacting us or may be viewed directly through the portal.


  • In Progress
    Currently under investigation by Support to determine resolution/workaround
  • Pending Engineering
    Engineering is determining code change/QA after fix
  • Pending Release
    Confirmed as fixed, scheduled to be implemented in future release
  • Waiting for Customer
    Need more information from client to continue investigation
  • Pending Hosting
    Under review with hosting because it is server related
  • Pending Upgrade
    Confirmed fixed and released. Will be implemented in client’s scheduled upgrade
  • Closed
    Answer or resolution provided


Cases are prioritized and escalated based on the severity of the issue as well as its overall impact, feasibility of a workaround, and the effort required for resolution. It is important to us to balance our available resources, and case prioritization is the key to allowing us to provide the most impact possible across the client base.

If you feel the need to raise the priority of a case or if you are not satisfied with the course of action taken to address your issue, please inform your Support Engineer so that they can take appropriate steps to meet your expectations. You are always free to contact the Technical Support Manager to voice your concerns and request that your case be re-prioritized.

Escalation contacts can be reached via the contact information below

Escalation Level 1
Products Name Title Phone Email
e-Billing (Collaborati/Corridor) Tracy Urban Manager, Support 1 (737) 263-4817
TeamConnect Enterprise

Sameer Mohammed

Kevin Mott

Mohit Jindal 

Shana Green

Sr. Manager, Technical Support

Manager, Technical Support

Manager, Technical Support

Manager, Technical Support

1 (414) 635-8889

1 (737) 279-5242

1 (414) 635-8884

1 (414) 635-8891




Arun Vijayan Manager, Technical Support +1 512 660 6440 
Acuity Jamie Murphy Manager, Technical Support 1 (737) 279-5253
Tracker I-9 Trevor Spratt Manager, Tech Support 1 (512) 660-6533
INSZoom/IMS Sharath Bn Manager, Support 1 (512) 660-6410
CaseTrack Jay Sullivan Manager, Technical Support 1 (512) 646-8889
TAP/Suite/LegalHold/LawManager/EraCLM Otis Shelton Manager, Support 1 (737) 285-0170
TalentReef - Customer Service Jennifer Morris Manager, Customer Service 1 (737) 279-5316
TalentReef - Technical Support Christy Cole Manager, Support 1 (737) 279-5276

AssureHire Alaina Cassinerio Manager, Customer Service

1 (916) 675-3896

Trakstar/Circa Jen Wagner Manager, Support
Escalation Level 2
Products Name Title Phone Email

e-Billing/LawManager/ LegalHold/ Suite/Lawtrac/Acuity/ EraCLM/ TAP

Lexi Copeland Director, Support TEA 1 (737) 253-8254
TeamConnect Enterprise Damon Glover Director, Support CLC 1 (737) 279-5567

AssureHire/ TalentReef/Trakstar/Circa

Susanne Barriteau Director, Support 1 (737) 270-8612
Tracker I-9/ Tracker IMS/ INSZoom/Mineral/Syntrio Brian Johnson Director, Support



Continuity/ CaseTrack

Ben Motteram Director, Support GRC +44 7548949327
Escalation Level 3
Products Name Title Phone Email
All Jim StJacques VP, Global Support

Our commitment and goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction from our clients, and we appreciate any comments, constructive criticisms, or suggestions regarding our department. We believe that communication is a key factor in helping us to improve our processes, and welcome feedback from each of our clients.


STAGE Collaborati is available for testing and is refreshed on the second Friday every 3 months. Hosting will perform the backup of Production and refresh of STAGE Collaborati. Notifications for STAGE refresh will be communicated on the Home Page of STAGE Collaborati. Contact Collaborati Support for more information.

Software updates are handled by Hosting upon each new release of Collaborati. An email notice is sent to regarding the downtime of Collaborati Production at least one week in advance prior to scheduled maintenance and 1-3 days prior to emergency maintenance.  Contact Collaborati Support to be added to the group email or for more information.  Notifications for Production downtime will be communicated to Vendors/Users on the Home page of Collaborati regarding downtime.



Mitratech is committed to delivering regular feature-rich releases of our products. Between major releases, updates (maintenance releases) are also made available to address important defects that cannot wait for the next regular release.

If an issue is reported on a previous version of the product and is not reproducible in the current version, we will expect the client to upgrade to the latest version as a way to resolve the issue.

It is our policy to release patches only where there is a defect that affects the stability of the software, a degradation of major functionality, or a significant impact to performance. In these events, after analyzing the risks and effort involved in providing such a fix, we will release a patch. Please note that patch fixes are only available for the latest service packs of the supported version.


Periodically we conduct surveys to measure our performance and overall client satisfaction. We encourage you to participate in these surveys so that we are able to make improvements to provide a better service to you and the Mitratech user community. We typically address the following topics:

  • The overall quality of Technical Support services

  • Timeliness and accuracy of service
  • Friendliness and professionalism of Technical Support staff
  • Provision of emergency fixes when required
  • Quality of articles on the Client Success Center

You may also receive surveys in regards to our performance on individual support cases. Your response to these surveys are important and we appreciate your participation. Below are the survey questions.


© Mitratech Holdings Inc. 2017- All Rights Reserved.  This is unpublished material which contains trade secrets and is subject to a confidentiality agreement.  The unauthorized possession, use, reproduction, distribution, display, or disclosure of this material or information contained herein is prohibited.


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