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How to contact admin

For any queries reach out to admin by sending an email to

Please specify the type of issue you are referring to. For specific changes as mentioned below, please follow the respective procedure so that actions can be completed successfully. 


Please mention all the information correctly as mentioned below.

Specific section in table of content
Type of Change
Priority of Change

Changing or adding an image to the article needs information about position of the image.
A high resolution image is required in terms of adding an image. 

Type of Change indicates Minor Change, Major Change and Immediate Change.

Priority of Change is required in case of Minor Change, Major Change. Immediate change is always considered as the highest priority.

Note: Please provide all the information in line so that correct procedure can be followed to make the changes. Please provide priorities based on the requirement so that high priority job can be completed on time and all process can benefit using this procedure of contact.

Adding User:

Please mention the Full Name of the user.

Mention the email address of the user.

Mention the type of User( Pro Members or Community Members)

For Pro Members: Please mention if access required for article creation or for viewing

If access required for article creation please let me know if they will be publishers or draft contributors.

Please mention the Group/Groups to assign to user.


Please provide the name of the report required. For details please Click Here.

Please provide the date range

Mention the details of the report

Please specify filters(if applicable)

Template Requests or New Implementation:

Please let me know if my inputs can help in creating the flow of the products

Let me know the data that need migration to MindTouch


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