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Advanced Form Builder

TAP Training 2: 



- Submit form > empty email - but it works.

- Update template > include sender, quick submit links 

- Thank you update 

- Send again and show updated template



- Add approve/deny relationships

- Add a condition to deny, explain default 

- Add a condition to comment for show/hide


3. Collaboration stage: route a decision into a discussion. Generally, the workflow goes in one direction and we know who the next step is from a finite list of options - the one place where we can add people ad hoc is with collaboration. 

- Collaborators can: Comment and respond to comments, Update and change form field values, Submit the Collaboration Stage. Modify or turn off subscriptions (to notifications/email) 

- can be used as initial stage 

- MUST be a registered user 


Members have access to the Discussion component of the Collaboration Stage. They can comment on the work that is being done, as well as provide feedback and advice. 


Editors have access to both the Discussion as well as to the webform values. Anyone occupying an Editor role is able to “push” information into the form. However, the Editor is unable to submit the form to the next stage. 


Administrators have two more permissions that set them above the others. First, Administrators can manage other Collaborators. Second, Administrators are able to submit the webform, thus ending the Collaboration stage and moving the workflow forward.

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