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TAP/TeamConnect Integration

Integration Into TeamConnect

TAP now has the ability to integrate workflows into TeamConnect versions 4.2 through TeamConnect 6 and TeamConnect Essentials. This feature will be updated continuously, please check back for new updates regularly.

Current TAP/TeamConnect Features

See the TAP 3rd party matrix for a full, detailed list of 3rd party products and the features that TAP supports.

  • Access to TeamConnect directly in the TAP Designer to map TeamConnect Objects to TAP Fields:

    • Mapping of like field types is supported. Examples such as text to text, dropdown to TeamConnect lookup tables, etc.

    • Mapping dynamically to a TAP form field or hard-coding TeamConnect fields.

  • Create records in TeamConnect: (Note: This is based on workflow triggers established in the designer mapping UI.)

    • Objects currently supported are Custom Objects and Contacts.

    • Field Types currently supported are support related object field types and setting assignee.

  • TeamConnect lookup tables and Search in TAP form fields:

    • Present TeamConnect lookup tables within drop downs and multi-value drop downs in forms.

    • Search through TeamConnect custom objects, contacts, and users within a form.

  • TeamConnect Key Management:

    • Users can now connect into many TeamConnect instances from one TAP instance, located in the Admin menu, so that workflows requiring different permissions to TeamConnect instances can easily be accommodated. This feature allows for users to connect to a Production instance of TeamConnect as well as a Staging or Dev instance if needed without having to have different logins.

Quick Start Instructions

Please follow the following instructions on how to set up your TeamConnect integration inside of TAP. 
Note: Each instance of TeamConnect may be different, but the basic setup instructions will allow users to get started.

Setting up a TeamConnect key
  1. Log into TAP
  2. Go to the Administration tab
  3. Locate TeamConnect Keys link on the list located on the left side of the screen and click on it:
    Note: You cannot delete TeamConnect keys once added, you can only edit them.
  4. Select the New TeamConnect key button on the right:
  5. Add the required information in all the fields.
    Note: The label should be called what the instance being connected to is for easier identification.  
    Note: Users must have a TeamConnect login/password created. It is recommended that it is not linked to a individual user's account, instead a TeamConnect service account with corresponding permissions.
Creating a Workflow with the TeamConnect Integration
  1. Under the Business Automation tab, select Designer
  2. Select the Create button
  3. In the Form tab, you can select the TeamConnect Records or TeamConnect Categories option on the left column:
    • From there, you can select "TeamConnect Setup" on the right side and a pop up will show to select the TeamConnect Key and set various field information:
    • Pop-up window:
  4. From the Workflow Tab, users will need to have at least 2 stages:
    Note: More stages can be used, this is just the minimum required.
  5. Click on the Relationship for the stages and then click on the TeamConnect support button at the top.
  6. A pop up window will appear, select the "Add" button
  7. A new window will appear where in the first tab the TeamConnect key must be selected, then the Object type, followed by a Primary Category if there is one.clipboard_e9acc1b5d3ccf4dc8300c12e1647ad7c1.png
    • Note: Depending on the type of Object type selected, further form fields may appear:
      Note: Required TeamConnect Objects will have a red bar next to them.
      Note: Any documents you wish to send to TeamConnect from TAP must be configured in the option tab of the TeamConnect Support pop-up.
      Please see the screenshot below.

      Note: If you wish to overwrite previous information sent to TeamConnect in one workflow, select the the "Replace Previously Selected Categories" option under the Categories update drop down. 
  8. You can then add various other Options and Trigger Conditions if desired using the other tabs. Once done, click the Save button on the bottom.
  9. The TAP form fields will map to TeamConnect based on your form selections listed above. Always remember to save your workflow.
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