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TAP TeamConnect Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

This article offers quick solutions for common issues that occur while integration TAP into your version of TeamConnect.


TAP/TC Integrated form is submitting, but there is no Object created in TeamConnect. 

"Object" meaning matter, contract, incident, etc.

This error might also appear as a generic "Contact your administrator" error.





 Your object is not generated but there is no error message

If your object is not being generated, your first hope is that you can learn about the error from the error pop up message, and react accordingly. If you do not, however, have an error message, you can do some digging by checking the Team Connect logs. 

You may see this error message:

[ERROR] [WebServiceExceptionHandler] WebServiceExceptionHandler.handleException - Web Service Exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Category with unique key DISP could not be added


tc logs.PNG

What does this mean?

This error was generated because the TAP Integration User did not have create rights. The user could create matters, but not define the category to the error. To solve this issue, give that TAP Integration User Create Matter All Categories and View Matter All Categories.


team connect shot.PNG


Categories Error: "Root Category and Primary Category cannot be same value" 

Follow the steps below to solve this issue.





I want my Primary Assignee to be the same person every time 

Follow the steps below to solve this issue.












Resolving a "Project Failed" Error in the TAP to Team Connect Integration

A “Submission Error” can occur when testing your TAP to Team Connect integration. When this happens, check the language of the submission. If the error lets you know that the Project validation failed, most likely you will need to ensure that the required fields are consistent between TAP and TC. 

submission error.PNG

When creating an object in Team Connect, certain fields are required for Team Connect to generate that object. In order for this aspect of the integration to function properly, you must either ensure that the TAP form populates that field, or make the Team Connect category no longer a required field in Team Connect.