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TAP Third Party Support Matrix

This page provides details on all of the third party applications, such as browsers, operating systems, and TeamConnect versions, that are compatible with the latest version of TAP.


Third Party Support Matrix - version

The third party products listed below are are compatible with the latest version of the TAP application. 

  • Release Date - This date reflects when the product was released. This date is not related to TAP.
  • EOS Date - End of Support Date. Mitratech will stop providing support for the respective product on this date.
  • EOL Date - End of Life Date. The product will not be provided by Mitratech anymore.


Client Browsers Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  Firefox Current n/a    
  Chrome Current * n/a    
  Edge Current 2015    
  IE 11 Oct 2013    
  Safari Current n/a    
Database Servers Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  MS SQL Server 2016 06/01/2016 07/31/2021 07/14/2026
.NET Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  Framework 4.5.2 05/05/2014    
Web Servers Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  IIS 10 2016    
TeamConnect Versions Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  TeamConnect 4 4.2.8      
  TeamConnect 5 5.2      
  TeamConnect 6

6.0.1 and later

Other Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
  ABCPdf 09/18/2017    
  AdobeSign Up to current      
  Docusign Up to current      

Salesforce Classic

(SF Lightning is not supported)

Up to current (45)      

Client OS -


Product Version Release Date EOS Date EOL Date
Windows 10 06/29/2015    
iOS Mojave 09/24/2018    




Supported Features and Functionality 

TeamConnect & Salesforce

Supported Features Details TC SF
Create Project and Contact objects in TeamConnect Self service configurability, ability to map TeamConnect information to TAP fields, and easily send information to TeamConnect in order to create records. We can create Project and Contact object types. Yes Yes
Map TeamConnect objects to TAP objects Access TeamConnect support directly in the designer to map TeamConnect objects to TAP fields. Yes Yes
Present TeamConnect Lookup Tables in TAP Present TeamConnect lookup tables within dropdowns and multi-select dropdowns in TAP forms. Yes Yes
Search through TeamConnect Objects Search through TeamConnect custom objects, contacts, and users within a form. Yes Yes
Add multiple TeamConnect Keys Connect into many TC instances from one TAP instance so that workflows requiring different permissions to TC can easily be accommodated. Yes Yes
Limited File Upload Functionality  Upload to pre-specified folder Yes Yes
Conditional Execution Trigger different object creation logic by workflow conditions Yes Yes
Import Across Environments Allow users to import integrated TeamConnect workflows across environments and maintain configuration (as long as objects/fields match) Yes Yes
Set Primary Category Set primary category of created object Yes n/a
Role Lookup (TC 6.1+) Quickly associate TeamConnect roles using a TAP lookup field. TC roles selected by an end user map to the TeamConnect record and can be updated in secondary stages of the form. Yes n/a
TeamConnect Credential Validations Users see an error message when incorrect TeamConnect credentials are inputted to the "TeamConnect Keys" administration window. Yes SF uses oath, TC uses basic 
Document  Upload Easily route documents from TAP to TeamConnect and associate them with system or custom objects. Root object folders, relative folder paths, and ad hock folder creation are supported. Additionally, specific categories can be tied to folders created ad hock, also file description. TAP upload limitations in single and multi upload fields are 100 mb. Duplicate file names are adjusted. Yes Yes
Category Selection Self service configuration of presenting categories to end users. Easily show various object selections in order to guide the end user to associate the correct category to the matter or request. Categories can be hidden on the form field level, but associated to the object created, as well as pre-defined, or shown with parameters. Yes n/a, no categories, but layouts are supported
Update of TeamConnect Records Update existing TeamConnect record categories and root categories fields. TAP Admins are able to input TeamConnect objects into a form that the end user can then update so that real time edits can be made to existing object definitions that have been inputted. Yes Yes
Category and Record Lookup Category Management - browse category tree and select categories Yes Yes
Improved Contact Search with First and Last End users can now search by first name, last name, or first and last, in the contact search form field linked to TC contacts. If we enter a single word we are searching by name or last name. If we enter two words, we are searching by name and last name or last name and name. If we enter three words we are searching by first name, middle name, and last name. Yes Yes
TeamConnect Essentials Essentials matter types and sub-types options are shown in an abbreviated manner so that end users can quickly. Sub-type can be hidden or hard-coded. Yes n/a

Note: The TAP/TC integration is not supported in conjunction with splitter stages or auto-submit when using the categories field to set category.

AdobeSign Classic & DocuSign

The list below details the supported features between TAP and AdobeSign Classic. Most of the AdobeSign features are located in the Workflow Designer screen, get there by navigating to Designer > Select Workflow > Workflow page > e-Signature Support


Template Screen Supported Features
  • File Upload Dropbox - Upload files to the form here.
  • Enable Parallel Signing - Parallel Signing allows all the signers to sign the document all at the same time, in any order, and receive the final document once everyone has signed it.



Signers Screen Supported Features
  • Verification via text message - This is an identify verification and security feature that is found and enabled in the Signers screen within the Designer.

    If this feature is turned on, users will have to go through a text verification process. 

  • Approver - The Approver feature is a part of Adobe Sign's Roles for Recipients

    Approvers are not required to sign or interact with any fields. All approvers need to do is enter their name before sending the transaction to the signers. Fields can be assigned to approvers, and if those fields are required, they need to fill them out.

    The approver role works well for situations where someone needs to "okay" a document before it's sent off to the signer.



API Screen Supported Features
  • Adobe Sign Connection  - Authentication for the user signing.
  • Submit Type - Authentication for the user signing.
  • Agreement Name - Automatically generate an agreement name from the template file or allow a custom field for the information to be filled in by a user.
  • Email Message - Use to send a custom message in the standard "Please Sign" emails sent out from the eSignature services.
  • Reminder - Set the reminder frequency in days for the eSignature transaction. This triggers DocuSign/Adobe Sign's internal reminder emails, not TAPs.
  • Reason for Not Signing - When Adobe / DocuSign users decline to sign they're asked to explain why. The Reason for Not Signing field will capture that response in TAP.



Document id Screen Supported Features
  • Text Tag Document ID - This opens up the text tag "_id" to output the uniquely-generated TAP ID number. Select a Sequence Generator to be used for this purpose. Sequence Generators can be defined in Workflow Automation > Sequence Generators.



Expiration Screen Supported Features
  • Expiration Type - Select if you want the signature field to expire


If using DocuSign, you have to turn this feature ON in your DocuSign instance in order for this information to be shared with TAP.