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TAP - TeamConnect Integration for On-Premise Clients


Before integrating your TAP environment to your on premise TeamConnect environment please read the below. 

TeamConnect Site Requirements:

 There are 2 requirements to make the integration successful. 

  • IP address white listing
  • Making URL Public


1. IP address white listing:
IP addresses responsible for both TAP staging and Production will be provided buy our hosting team, so that you can white list them. Once the white listing is done, those IP addresses/IP domains can have permission to access the respective client domain. 

For this please reach out to TAP Support ( and request the TAP IP addresses for both Staging and Production. TAP Support will work Hosting team to provide the required information.

2. Making URL Public:
For tenants where the TC setup is On - Premise, the URL should be made public so that TAP can integrate with the TC without any issues.

Note:  Also the certificate which you are using must be either from a publicly signed organization or self-signed certificate which needs to be imported to our keystore


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