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May 2020 Release Notes

Welcome to TAP! Changes in this version include support for prepopulation from TeamConnect documents, improvements to bulk upload functionality, and bug fixes around SSO, TeamConnect integration, and conditional data sources.


Added support for TeamConnect documents
Additional Information: Documents in TeamConnect can now be accessed in TAP for prepopulation. File folders in TeamConnect can be mapped to Multi-Upload Fields.
Tracking Code: TAP-2481

User department settings can now be set using bulk upload
Additional Information: The API endpoint now supports a 'departments' column, to contain a comma-separated list of TAP departments per user.
If the user already has departments set and new value is uploaded, the old value will be overwritten. If the ‘departments’ header is included but the value is null, New User Settings will be used to set the Department. Bulk upload will now process csv files row-by-row, log a detailed report on completion, and no longer fail on the first error.
Tracking Code: TAP-2531

Added currency support for South Korean won and Argentine peso
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1880

Bug Fixes

Pre-population of Conditional Datasources no longer fails in combination with Workflow Record search
Additional Info: Javascript was running asynchronously, with parent fields run after the child. We now queue child fields, and update them after all non-conditional child fields.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1881
Support Case Number: 2020-0521-614510

SSO SAML attribute size limit extended
Additional Info: Some clients were unable to login using SSO, due to SAML attributes being too long. The corresponding fields for TAP have been extended from 2000 to the maximum IIS-supported size of 16384 bytes.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1795
Support Case Number: 2020-0403-596939

“Create New Object with Category” using the TeamConnect integration now works as intended after Auto Submit
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1826
Support Case Number: 2020-0224-588352
Expected Behavior: TeamConnect integrations on relationships after an Auto Submit are now able to use the 'categories' field.

“Create New Object with Category” using TeamConnect integration now works as intended during eSplitter stages.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1719
Support Case Number: 2020-0521-614510
Expected Behavior: TeamConnect integrations on relationships after an eSplitter stage are now able to use the 'categories' field.

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