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April 2020 Release Notes

TAP and Release Notes

Product Enhancements
TAP as a Progressive Web App

Enhancement: iOS users can now download TAP as a Progressive Web App, making some features available for offline use. The app is added to the user’s home screen and allows the user to access TAP directly through the use of an app, instead of through a web browser. To learn more about offline functionality, see here.
Tracking Code: TAP-3150


Enhancement: Address fields now support geolocation using GPS coordinates instead of street address. Prepopulation using the address field can also be set to populate ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’
Tracking Code: TAP-3151
Additional Information: Geolocation can be enabled by selecting ‘Use Geolocation instead of address’ under ‘Enable Location’ in Designer > Address options. Form users will see the field prepopulate based on their device coordinates. When configuring address field Prepopulation, you will now be able to select both ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’ as field mapping options.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Resolved an issue where TAP could call an equal function on a null value, resulting in some users seeing the error message: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” The solution since version was to manually delete and re-add all pre-population rules, and their accompanying form fields.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1711
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0207-583281
Expected Result: Workflows will no longer be impeded by this error, and manual recreation of rules and fields should not be required as a workaround.

Issue: Resolved an issue where some required form fields were not pre-populating as expected.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1710
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0207-583124
Expected Result: All User Record prepop rules should function as expected now. Adding ‘Type’ or ‘Employee ID’ to a prepop rule will no longer break the entire rule.

Issue: Fixed an issue where manually adding and deleting pre-population rules would not resolve submission errors for Hidden form fields.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1720
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0227-589111
Expected Result: Users will no longer see error messages when the system attempts to pre-populate form fields whose value is null.

Issue: Workflow records mapped using dropdown values instead of labels.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1725
Salesforce Case Number: N/A
Expected Result: Workflow records prepopulation will now pull based on dropdown labels. As long as field option labels match, dropdown fields should populate correctly when prepopulating from a workflow records field.

Issue: Error when saving conditions with brackets.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1727
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0318-593783
Expected Result: When editing conditions which contain both a bracketed rules and non-bracketed rules, removing the last non-bracketed rule will no longer clear all condition rules upon saving. Instead, only the removed rule will be removed.

Issue: Error with prepopulating dropdowns and setting field to 'Read Only'
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1717
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0224-588349
Expected Result: When prepopulating a drop down field with a 'Read Only' value, that dropdown field will not be editable once filled. If not prepopulated with any values, the dropdown will be editable.

Issue: User fields 'MiddleName' and 'EmployeeID' had NULL values in database and throw NullReferenceException when used in pre-population rules
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1682
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0127-580685
Expected Result: Fileds can be used in prepopulation rules without NullReferenceException

Issue: Unable to fetch the data from API call due to prepopulation error
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1684
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0129-581076
Expected Result: Able to fetch data with API call without error




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