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TAP September 2020 Release Notes -

TAP Release Notes 

Product Enhancements

Enhancement: Real-Time Collaboration Stage Functionality
Additional Information: Collaboration stages will now support real-time updates for multiple users. If more than one user is accessing the stage at the same time, icons will display indicating which users are in the stage. Fields will highlight and show edits that a user is making in real time, and all edits will be saved when any user saves the form. The ‘Update Form Values’ button has been removed and replaced with the generic ‘Save’ button. Click here for more information on the collaboration stage.

Attention: If custom CSS is being applied to collaboration stage, it may alter the appearance of the updated functionality. Please make sure icons are not being hidden by custom CSS in order for the updated functionality to appear correctly. 

Enhancement: Document Form Field Type
Additional Information: A new form field type called ‘Document’ has been added. This form field is functionally similar to the document builder, but can be added to a form and edited throughout the course of a workflow. The document form field can be used to generate documents that can be attached to notifications, added to a record’s audit log, and used in the eSignature process. Click here for more information on the Document Form Field.

Enhancement: Updated Form Mapping Functionality
Additional Information: Two major updates have been made to form mapping functionality. First, form mapping will now work with Teamconnect Search fields, User Search fields, and external grid data sources. Second, there is now the option to map an exact value from the parent field into the child field when using form mapping. When ‘Is Filled’ is selected as the parent field parameter, a new checkbox labeled ‘Same as Parent Value’ will appear. When checked, any value entered into the Parent Field will be copied into the Child Field when the form mapping rule triggers. Click here for more information on Form Mapping.

Enhancement: Scan Form Field Type 

Additional Information: A new Scan Form Field has been added to TAP. This field can scan both 1 and 2-dimensional bar codes and will copy the associated value into the scan field text section. This field is only compatible with devices which have access to a camera and is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Click here for more information on the scan field.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Esig Tags saved with unsupported characters
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2148
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0727-627050
Expected Result: When saving a workflow, an error message will now appear if any fields have Esig Tags with invalid characters.

Issue: Email validation throwing error if special character is used in the email address.
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2084
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0626-621633
Expected Result: Fields with email validation on them will now accept emails with special characters in them.

Issue: TeamConnect Integration with Anonymous Users
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1877
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0515-613338
Expected Result: Dropdowns and other fields that are pulling from Teamconnect will now be available to anonymous users when accessing a TAP Form.

Issue: Date Field Pre-population failing
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2118
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0717-625367
Expected Result: Time Zone Independent Date Fields in Teamconnect can now be prepopulated into TAP Date Fields.

Issue: TeamConnect Integration Values are Blank after Saving the Workflow and Returning to the Configuration Screen
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2227
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0806-629491
Expected Result: Integrations with Teamconnect Essentials will no longer fail to save/display properly after being configured for the first time.

Issue: External Grid Data Source not searchable if data is pre-filtered
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1827
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0416-599125
Expected Result: External Grid Data Sources will now accept spaces in the values when searching on partial values.

Issue: Upload Field Permissions are Broken
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2430
Salesforce Case Number: N/A
Expected Result: When setting permissions on specific upload fields, files uploaded to that field will only be visible to users with the specified roles.

Issue: TC field not displaying company names
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2112
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0710-623908
Expected Result: Searching by full company name in a Teamconnect search field will return expected results.

Issue: TC Integration sub-category checklist
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-2131
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0722-625995
Expected Result: When configuring an integration with Teamconnect Essentials, sub-category will save properly.

Issue: External API Dropdowns do not work with nested API fields
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1683
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0129-581075
Expected Result: External Data Source values will populate as expected when searching on nested API fields. 

Issue: Issue with filter drop down while using IE
Tracking Code: TAPSUP-1713
Salesforce Case Number: 2020-0211-584169
Expected Result: Dashboard Record ‘Actions’ popup will now be pinned to selected record and will not scroll with screen.