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TAP Release Notes June ‘18

The party is just getting started! Our Designer tool has a new User Interface, allowing workflow builders to ‘drag and drop’ with unparalleled ease. Dropdowns are more powerful than ever, now that workflow builders can allow end users to update data sources from within a workflow – any dropdown field can turn into a dynamic content repository. And don’t even get us started on emails – workflow builders now have ultimate control over who an email is sent from and more.

What are the TAP Release Notes?

Every quarter, we deliver new features and product updates that are born from our commitment to our customers. If you have a new feature request, be sure to log it in Jira. TAP can move mountains because you’ve told us what you want.

How do the updates work?

We first deploy our new release features on our staging environments, and then later deploy them in production. We do this to give you a ‘taste’ of what’s to come before we’re ready to go live in production.

The Biggies 

  • New Designer UI: We’ve given the Designer tool a complete facelift, making it sleeker and easier to use than ever. Toggle between Form and Workflow with a single click. And the updated layout makes the screen feel bigger. UX has improved in many scenarios as well; for example, allowing bulk field selection and property editing. Don’t worry, if you love the old UI, you can still switch back, and we’ll even save your preference!
  • Email Updates: A number of new email features are being added to ‘supercharge’ how emails can be used within a workflow. These include bigger file size capacity, dynamic ‘from’ addresses, and native BCC and CC functionality.
  • Data Sources: Data Sources are more powerful than ever. As an end user searches through a dropdown, he or she can add a new item to the dropdown list, thereby updating the central data source. This means that data sources can be used as central repositories that can be democratically updated by end users.
  • Permissions: We’re making permissions even more dynamic by adding the ability to set permissions for different records of the same workflow. Now you can give permissions to other members of your team, regardless of your department!

eSignature Updates

  • “Send on Behalf of” updates: An email address can be dynamically mapped from a form field or role to become the “sender” of a document for eSignature.
  • Dynamic Templates: When dynamic templates are sent for signature, multi-select field can be used to concatenate documents.
  • New Integration with Secured Signing

Workflow and Webform Updates

  • Quick Submit Links: End users are no longer required to “confirm” any quick submits through their emails – these will go straight through. After submitting, end users will see the custom ‘Thank You’ page on their screen.
  • Validations: You can now deactivate a validation or change validations for an existing field.
  • Element IDs: These are now shown in every form item for improved ease and control.
  • Editing Workflows: Users are notified when multiple parties are editing a workflow simultaneously.
  • Address fields can prepopulate with greater specificity.
  • Webforms can be updated with empty values.
  • Form mapping can “map” empty values.
  • Formulas can now intake “DateTimeNow” functionality.
  • Dashboard “Accessibility” can be enabled for screen-readers to parse the Workflow Dashboard.
  • System date format can be modified to render all system dates dates in different date formats.
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