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System Settings

The System Settings component of Suite Manager encompasses configuring and implementing different functionality within Suite (which includes both eCounsel and Secretariat). Some functionality pertains only to eCounsel and some only to Secretariat.

Document Storage

Electronic files that are linked to records can be kept either on a hard drive or stored in the database. These files also can be managed through a Document Management System (DMS) using the Web Page Container widget.

Network Drive

Selecting to store the files on a file server stores files on a user’s hard drive, a network hard drive, or a server. Files are copied, not linked, to a designated file server location for storage. An index of attached files will be created in the database. No other configuration setting is necessary.

However, the default destination directory can be set to facilitate document access.

Database Storage

When files are stored in the database, no other configuration is needed.

Private Matters

The private matters feature of eCounsel allows access to a matter to be restricted to specifically designated users only, even if the matter is assigned to a Logical group to which a non- designated user has access.

þÿIf your company uses a Document Management System (DMS), and private matters are enabled, it is recommended that the DMS configuration be set to export just the matter number and not the matter name.

This recommendation is based on the fact that the DMS does not adhere to eCounsel security settings, meaning the matter list within the DMS is not restricted from showing private matters.

Invoices also adhere to the security of private matters, meaning that if an invoice has a portion allocated to a private matter, the text “Restricted Data” will display in areas that pertain to the private matter. All other matter information will display.


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