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All Standard and Custom reports are in the Reports module.

Reports pertaining to all modules are located in the Reports module, which includes Audit, Action, Findings, Document, Auditee, Competence, License, Obligations, and User reports. There are over 140 standard reports across CMO's entire portfolio of solutions and applications. 

These reports range from Single Event reports (e.g. detailed results of an audit or incident) to Multiple Event reports (e.g. results from multiple audits combined into 1 report) to Trend / Analytic reports (e.g. – the most common findings across the organization, the department with the most outstanding actions, the most common Incident types).

Reports are typically produced in PDF by default, with some reports defaulting to Excel. Almost all of the reports can be produced as PDF, Word and Excel.

Reports generally consist of a header, a graphic (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Table), and text. In addition to this, reports may include things like photos, videos, attachments, and links to other reports, findings, actions, etc.

Reports can be sent via e-Mail and this can be set to send automatically, manually, or an automatic pre-set schedule (ex.- Send an Action report every Friday to a set list of recipients).

A sample of some of the reports included in the library are listed below:

Incident/Event Reports

Auditing/Inspection Reports


Annual Event Report

Auditee Event Summary Report

Billing Report

Client Schedule Report

Answer Trend

Detail Forecast Report

Consolidated Event Report

Auditee Event NC Report

Document Attestation Report

Consultant Metrics Report

Auditee Event Report

Document Control Report

Detailed Consolidated Event Report

Auditee Performance

Contractor Work Authorization Report

Detailed Event Report with Sub Events

Auditee Question Summary Report

Form Summary Report

Event (Detailed) Report

Auditee Results

Org Unit Event Report

Event (Finding Details) Report

Auditee Summary Report 2

Org Unit Scores Report

Event (Full) Report

[@Auditor] Results

Org Unit Target Scores Report

Event Aggregate Score Report

Benchmark Summary Report

Hours Worked Report

Event (Section) Report

Client Schedule Report

HSE Monthly Dashboard Report

Event Detailed Report

Breach Report

HSEC Alert Report

Event Detailed Report (No Charts)

Auditee Tracking Report

Individual Target Tracking Report

Event Excel Report

H&S Audit Report

Planning & Action KPI Report

Event GIS Report

Incomplete Question

Planning Data Export Report

Event Overview Report

Inspection Assignment Form Report

Report Tracker Report

Event Report

Inspection Summary Report

Tool Box Talk Report

Event Report Consolidated (Ordered)

Operational Excellence Visit Report

User Activity Report

Event Risk Summary Report

Percentage Utilization Report

User Assignment Report

Event Score Report

Question and Answer Trend Report

User Concurrency Report

Event Status Report

Question Summary Report

User License Report

Event Trend

Question Trend


Frequency Rate Report by Auditee

Response Summary Report


Frequency Rate Report by Group

Response Trend


Frequency Rate Summary

Top/ Bottom NC Response


Frequency Report

Work Schedule Report


Frequency Report by Period



Frequency Report by Category


Graphical Summary Report


HSE Monthly Dashboard Report


HSEC Alert Report


Incident Alert


Last Event Report


Lost Time Report


OSHA 300 Log Report


OSHA300A Report


OSHA301 Report


Schedule Report


Top 5/Bottom 5 Frequency Report



Action Reports

Compliance Reports

Risk Reports

Training and Competence

Action (Question) Report

Compliance Trend Report

Residual Risk

Job Competence Report

Action Event Report

Detailed Obligations Report

Risk Assessment Report

Training Report

Action Heat map Report

New Planning Data Export Report

Risk Assessment Report (Detailed)


Action History Report

Non-Conforming Response Report

Risk Category Analysis Report


Action KPI Report

Obligations Report

Risk Profile Report


Action Report

Obligations Schedule Report

Residual Risk


Action Report Age

Permits report

Risk / Action Image Report  

Action Report (inc verification)



Action Report (with Additional Info)


Action Trail Report


Action Trend Report


Detailed Action Report

Risk / Action Image Report






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