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Individual Target Tracking Report

Individual Target Tracking Report

This report shows the targets that have been set for User(s) for a Form(s) over a month.

For example, you can give a user a target of 30 per month, meaning that they should do about 1 event per day. This can be particular useful when you have quotas on the number of inspections or audits to be performed for a particular user. 


  1. Select the Reports tab in the navigation bar
  2. Select Standard Reports
  3. In the Select Report section, locate Individual Target Tracking Report from the drop down

Report Layout

This report layout is displayed in 1 section;

  1. A table that includes;
    1. Job Title
    2. Reporter
    3. Forms
    4. Months included in the date range
    5. Target
    6. Actual 

Report Filters

Individual_Target_Tracking_Report 01.png

Report Sample

Individual_Target_Tracking_Report 02.png

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