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Org Unit Target Scores Report

Org Unit Target Scores Report

This report is similar to the Org Unit Scores Report except it also shows the Target Scores as well. The report shows the total score for the Org Unit for each individually selected report against its target. There is also a final column for comparing the total score for all forms against a combined total target. The new feature of this report compared to the Scores Report is an included table at the bottom to show the score comparison with numerical values and traffic lights. 


  1. Select the Reports tab in the navigation bar
  2. Select Standard Reports
  3. In the Select Report section, locate Org Unit Target Scores Report from the drop down

Report Layout

This report layout displays in 3 sections from top to bottom;

  1. Filters used
  2. Scores vs Target Graph
  3. Table per Form (Event), per OrgUnit/Entity

Report Filters


You can choose upto a MAXIMUM of 4 Forms (Events) to add and report on.

Report Sample


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