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Matter Navigation Bar

The Matter Navigation Bar within a matter record allows users to adjust or view many facets of the selected matter.


Click any of the subjects under the Matter tab to expand it and view its respective options.

Calendar & Events

The Calendar & Events section allows users to add events, reminders, and workflow targets to their calendars.


View, edit, and add matter events here. Add requirements, reminders, and priority status to the event here as well.

View short-term reminders here and add required/optional reminder recipients.

View long-term reminders here and add required/optional reminder recipients and matter notes.

Add workflow targets and details here.


The Categories section allows you to adjust matter details with regard to Type, Product, Division and Issue category.





Change, create, and adjust keywords related to the matter.


Change, create, and adjust Issues related to the Matter. Make a selection from the drop-down list, then toggle the corresponding button by the Issue to adjust it to primary.


View the assigned Product area and add more Products and percentages.


View currently assigned Divisions and add additional Divisions and percentages.



Users can view checklists and general questions in a variety of ways.



General Listing

View, manage, and answer general questions.

Rapid Entry

Apply an answer quickly from a drop-down list.

Detailed Listing

Open all general question information in detail.

Outside Counsel

View all questions and answers made by general counsel.


Linked Records

Users can view linked records and create new links to records here. New records can be listed as Master or Peer Record to the selected Matter.

Teams, Firms, Parties

Users can adjust teams, personnel, firms, and messaging lists here.


Users can print Basic, Comprehensive, or Custom reports on the selected Matter.

Text Records

Users can add and view text records related to the Matter as well as view a Synopsis of all records.

Time Accounting

Users can log their time here as well as view a detailed breakdown.


Users can change the Matter Number, Formal Name, and Short Name.

Users can update status of the Matter.

Personal Note

Users can add an additional note here as an addendum.



Users can select pre-defined work groups who have access to the record.

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