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Primary Information

The Primary Information tab displays various details about the matter record, related team members and firms, reminders, and document management.

Note: This screen may appear differently based on the permissions granted to the user.


Each setting can be changed by clicking the edit button (primary_information_edit_icon_orange.gif). The table below displays further descriptions of each part of the matter screen.

Section Description

Main Classification

Lists the Type of matter and any related Keywords.


Lists the Status (open/closed), Priority, Area of Law, and Matter Amount related to the record.

Note: Matter amount does not affect any invoice, budgets, or rate card amounts. The field can be used as a reminder for a budget or reserve cap, or can be left blank throughout. This field may also show up under a different caption, as the name is adjustable for site administrators in Application Administration, but it is identified in the Transactions tab as "Matter Amount". 

Key Dates

Lists the date the matter opened and closed as well as last update and days active. Matter events also show up here.

Upload Document

Allows you to upload a document and set the category, author, keywords, and synopsis for the document.

Short-Term Reminders

Displays upcoming reminders. See Reminders.

Long-Term Reminders

Displays long-term reminders. See Reminders.

Related Info

Displays any miscellaneous information related to the matter record.

Patent, Trademark & Filings

Shows what information has been submitted to government agencies, and their statuses.

Information Text

Lists optional text fields to supply information to users viewing the matter.

Text Records

Lists longer text fields that provide relevant data to the matter.

Linked Records

Lists any records linked to the opened matter and their relationship to the matter. See View or Create a Linked Record.

Business Hierarchies

View the product and department percentages of the matter record.

Parties and Entities

View parties and entities associated with the matter.


Displays current fiscal year totals and lifetime invoice totals.


Lists all documents uploaded to the matter.


Displays geographical data for the matter record.

Matter Navigation Bar

Contains options for further matter editing and details. See Matter Navigation Bar.

Finance Navigation Bar

Contains options for further details on matter finances. See Finance Navigation Bar.

Modules Navigation Bar

Contains options for matter module configuration. See Modules Navigation Bar.

Document Drop-Box

Allows quick document upload to server. See Document Drop-box.

Your Options

Allows you to hide parts of the screen and selected details. See Bottom Links.

Key Dates

Add or change the dates for matter requests and completion dates by clicking the highlighted title of the event and click the primary_information_hmfile_hash_70e5fd3b.png icon to select a date.

Set a reminder by typing into the text box below, then click Save to confirm changes.

Click the primary_information_trash_can.gif icon to delete the event.


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