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Adding Events

You can add events, such as a discovery or filing date, on a matter to which you are assigned.

Click the Events: View/Edit/Add hyperlink in the Matter Navigation Bar.


Add an Event

  1. Under Add Matter Event, select a category from the drop-down list.
    Note: A category must be selected for the event to be saved. If there are no options available in this drop-down, contact your site administrator to add them in Application Administration | Matter Maintenance | Calendar Categories. 
  2. Use the adding_events_hmfile_hash_112efa64.png icons to select a start date and end date, and then use the drop-down lists to select a start and end time.
    Adding a start/end time for the event is relevant if the event is being added to a calendar or if there is a reminder set.
    1. Enter a number of hours to block off on your calendar to show others who have access to view your calendar that you will be busy.
  3. Set an interval for Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly by clicking the corresponding radio button. These options may not appear until after you select an end date.
  4. Under Requirement, select whether this task requires completion, determine the level of priority, and use the adding_events_hmfile_hash_112efa64.png icon to choose a due date.
  5. Choose who should be able to see this event, and select Add a Reminder for All Assigned to send those selected users a reminder for the event. Type any amount of days into the text field.
  6. Add notes or instructions if necessary, then select Save Event to add the new event to the list of active Matter Events.
    1. The event can be copied to the matter calendar only, internal team's calendar, or to your calendar by selecting an option from the drop-down list below the Save Event button.
  7. In the new Matter Events list, click the adding_events_hmfile_hash_cac3d491.png icon to copy the event to your calendar.
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