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Calendar Icons

Understanding the meaning of each icon within a matter calendar is crucial to navigating and managing your calendar options.

  • calendar_icons_hmfile_hash_e2b0c967.png—The edit icon lets you review and edit the matter event details.
  • calendar_icons_hmfile_hash_bc71d3e2.png—The trash can icon allows you to delete events.
  • calendar_icons_hmfile_hash_cac3d491.png —This icon allows you to copy event to your personal calendar.
  • calendar_icons_hmfile_hash_e83ab7e7.png — This icon indicates that there is a reminder tied to the event.


To copy a matter event to your calendar:

  1. Click the calendar_icons_hmfile_hash_cac3d491.png icon to open a pop-up window displaying the details of the event.
  2. Select Download.
    The matter event is pulled up as an Outlook appointment. From here, users have the option to share with Lawtrac Connect, if it is already installed.
  3. Click Save & Close to commit the event to your Outlook calendar.
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