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Team, Firms, Parties

The Teams, Firms, Parties tab within the Matter Navigation Bar houses changes to the Legal team structure, related entities and parties, messaging lists and key personnel assigned to the matter.

Click the Team, Firms, Parties section in the Matter Navigation Bar to expand your options.

Matter: Teams, Firms, Parties

View Legal Team for extended information.




Legal Team

Add members to the matter's Legal team, swap assignments, and adjust roles.

Key Personnel

Adjust permissions of key personnel, add and remove team members, and select which members receive notifications.


Adjust automatic message options for different members and member groups.

Firms & Companies

Add firms/vendors to the matter as well as view details on each listed firm. Users can also change the alternate fee arrangement here, if necessary.


View or add related parties and adjust their details.


View entities as well as associate entities related to the matter.


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