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A document is any type of item that is added to TeamConnect and is accessible on a Documents page, such as a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, image files, text files, and email messages.

A document can also be a reference, such as a link to a Web page or a shortcut link that opens a document in a different location.

The following table shows how you can view, add, and update documents. For the section related to Document Management System integrations (DMS Connector), please see Using a Document Management System.







Document Property Pages  

Each document has the following document-specific property pages on which you can view and edit information:

  • General—View the name, type, and check-out information for a document.
  • Version—View the various versions of a document. A new version of a document is created each time a document is checked out and then checked back in. You can also use this page to revert to an earlier version of a document if necessary.

There are also additional document property pages that you can use to enter supplementary information, such as security rights for a selected document.


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