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iManage DMS Configuration

The following page outlines best practices and details for utilizing iManage as a TeamConnect DMS Integration.

 The following best practice details should be noted for iManage integrations:

Records and Document Management
  • The limit for iManage document integrations is currently 1,000 per folder per matter
  • No documents can be placed in the TeamConnect parent folder when syncing to iManage
  • Every record will be placed in its own workspace (rather than the hierarchical setup used in DMSes such as Sharepoint Online)
Setup Requirements
  • TeamConnect users must download the appropriate iManage integration files from Maestro and follow the setup instructions detailed in the DMS Connector page
  • There must be an available "super-admin" user in the iManage application to configure the TC-iManage integration
  • TeamConnect supports third-party library licenses for DMS integrations. iManage requires a third-party library license to function. 
  • iManage integrations require that the httpmime-4.5.3.jar file (found alongside the properties and integration files for iManage) must be dropped into the Top Level » System » Libraries document directory.
Performance Notes and Best Practices
  • Indexing of records with significant document volume (~800+ documents) may affect performance, particularly when attempting to access the Documents tab
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