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Document Management Systems

TeamConnect 5.2 provides users with seamless integration to external document management systems for robust, user-friendly control over your documents. Documents uploaded to and removed from your Document Management System will be reflected in TeamConnect (and vice versa).
Global Search and DMS

TeamConnect users leverage Elasticsearch as the driver for full global search across their documents. TeamConnect's global search feature will return results from DMSes linked to TeamConnect, but these connections will not be indexed by Elasticsearch. Searches will thereby utilize the searching system of the respective DMS. To help manage these results, the results page will have tabs for each DMS. The External DMS field works similar to any other multi-value field in TeamConnect as a custom, searchable, matter-level field.

Currently Supported DMSes
Sharepoint Sharepoint Online
iManage 10

Along with these out-of-the-box integrations, TeamConnect is structured so that users can implement their own DMSes as well. For more information on setting up a new DMS or a custom integration, please see Setting Up a New DMS. By navigating to the DMS Connector under Tools in TeamConnect, administrators can add new DMS connections as well as set the default DMS for their team's document storage. The documents are fully integrated into TeamConnect global search (upon indexing), and accessible via API and within the Screen Designer module.

DMS and Security

TeamConnect security settings regarding the rights will not inherently be transferred to the DMS. Users who have access to the Sharepoint instance but are locked from records in TeamConnect could thereby possibly view records in the DMS. As such, it is advised that users lock the permissions accordingly for the DMS library so that only desired super users or users intended to view all records can view the library in the respective DMS.

DMS Troubleshooting
  • Users must have rights to Documents to select a DMS Integration. 
  • If a client is using a DMS that doesn't support document versioning, but versioning is enabled in TeamConnect, an error message will be thrown when trying to open a previous document version. Only the latest version of the document will be viewable.
  • In order to leverage Sharepoint Online DMS integrations, users must ensure that the Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate is installed in their application's truststore. This certificate is key to enabling utility of many Microsoft web services applications. 
  • The default DMS cannot be deleted. External DMS integrations cannot be deleted if records or documents are associated with that DMS.
  • When attempting to synchronize a large number of files, it is possible that you will experience a 504 Gateway Timeout error. If you do encounter this error, ensure that the server response timeout set by your application server and/or proxy server is high enough to allow TeamConnect to finish the synchronization process.
  • All objects that can have documents attached will now have the External DMS field. This field points where documents should be kept for the related object or contact record, etc. Users can have this set to TeamConnect Native DMS if they are not opted into the DMS Connector. Note: Changing this field will affect all future documents added from that point on to the record. Previously added documents will remain in the initial DMS they were pointed to upon upload. 
WebLogic-specific Troubleshooting
  • WebLogic users may see something similar to the following error when testing their DMS: 

I/O error on GET request for "": Hostname verification failed:

To resolve this issue, navigate to Servers > Server Name > Configuration SSL > Advanced and change the Hostname Verification dropdown to None. This setting will allow TeamConnect to consume external webservices.

  • For WebLogic users, if a document has been checked out via TeamConnect and the user receives this error when trying to check the document back in or cancel the checkout:

    "Error: The system experienced a problem and could not complete your request.  Please try your request again or have your system administrator check the system logs for additional details"

     then add the following setting to the  in the WebLogic console, in the Class Path inside the Server Domain:

     JAVA_OPTIONS=%JAVA_OPTIONS% -DUseSunHttpHandler=true


    This setting tells will tell the WebLogicserver to use the Sun Http Handlers and not install its own.

Tomcat-specific Troubleshooting
  • For Tomcat users, ensure that your Tomcat classpath is pointing to jdk/lib and not jre/lib. 

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