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Configuring a User to Access an Application

Suite Manager manages both Secretariat and eCounsel. In order to access Suite, users must:

  • have a user ID
  • be assigned to a user group
  • have a view profile assigned to the user group
  • have any customizations assigned to the view profile using the View Profiles component.

For Secretariat, WorldView sites also will need to be configured if WorldView is activated.

To Configure a User Account to Access an Application:

  1. Create a new user account and associate the user with a person record.
  2. Create a new user group and assign the user account to the group.
  3. Grant access to an application(s).
  4. Configure security attributes for the user group. For some security attributes, you must create a security attribute profile first.
  5. Assign a view profile to the user group. You may need to create a view profile if one does not exist.
  6. Optionally, override security attributes for the user account.
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