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The Users/Groups component in the Security area of Suite Manager is where you establish and maintain the login name and password for all Suite users. System-wide password settings (such as expiration time frames) are maintained using the Security Settings component.

User Accounts

Suite Manager manages both Secretariat and eCounsel. In order to access Suite, users must:

  • have a user ID
  • be assigned to a user group
  • have a view profile assigned to the user group
  • have any customizations assigned to the view profile using the View Profiles component

For Secretariat, WorldView sites also will need to be configured if WorldView is activated.

It is recommended that you create a system administrator view profile with access to all areas for the sole use of the system administrator. The system user ID is required:

  • the first-time Suite Manager is opened in order to create new IDs
  • to modify security attributes for the Suite Manager program
  • to change the system password

User Groups

Groups are the vehicle by which user accounts are classified and individual users are granted access to functionality within Suite. Each user group has three separate areas that must be maintained:

  • Membership – the user accounts that are assigned to a group. Users may be assigned to more than one group; however, the most restrictive access level will apply. See Viewing a Summary of Access Rights for a User for more information.
  • Security Attributes – the levels of access that are set for a group. Security attributes allow access at the application level (such as the ability to login to Secretariat) and at a feature level for all products (such as allowing a user to hot add a record) and for individual products (such as allowing a user to post invoices in eCounsel). For certain security attributes (such as reports), a security attribute profile can be created and selected for the security attribute to limit access.
  • View Profiles – the look-and-feel of a Suite application. View profiles determine how the application looks for a user. For example, an outside counsel user in eCounsel may only be able to access the Matters module, limiting his/her ability to view/edit entities and/or people records. Each group in Suite must be assigned a view profile, and each user account must be assigned to a group.


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