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Security Attribute Profiles

Security attribute profiles are used within Suite to restrict access to certain data elements. The following profiles can be created and applied to users or user groups:

Database Access Profiles – Restricts access at the table/view and field level of the database.

Widget Access Profiles – Restricts access to the widgets that may appear on the home page of a Suite application.

Report Access Profiles – Restricts access to reports or generated documents.

Logical Groups Profiles – Restricts access to the logical groups.

WorldView Sites Profiles – Restricts access to WorldView sites.

Wizard Access Profiles – Restricts access to wizards used to generate items such as new matters by copying, etc. All wizards in Suite are run using the system context, meaning that no security is applied when executing a wizard. For example, when assigning a player to a matter using the Global Assign wizard, all matters will appear on the selection list even if the user running the wizard does not have access to a matter through logical groups. Therefore, restrict access to wizards for all users who shouldn’t be performing these actions.



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