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Lawtrac 4.3.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Lawtrac 4.3.0 Release Notes!

Below you will find information related to the Feature Enhancements, Bug Fixes, Installation Instructions, and Upgrade Instructions for the 4.3.0 release. Continue reading to learn more.


Installation Requirements

Before you begin to install Lawtrac™ 4.3, ensure that your system meets the full Installation Requirements found in the Lawtrac Installation Guide.


Upgrade Considerations

Before you begin to install Lawtrac™ 4.3, ensure that your system meets the full Technical Requirements found in the Lawtrac Installation Guide. You can also view the Upgrade Considerations page in the Lawtrac help or contact Support for further detail. 


Chances & Enhancements

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the Lawtrac™ 4.3.0 release.  Each issue is documented in the following format: 

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional Information, if applicable.
General Lawtrac Enhancements

Enhancement: Users are able to search by Text Categories in the Super Search screen. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7738

Additional Detail: This functionality allows users to narrow their search criteria while using the Super Search feature. This screen can be accessed by navigating to Matters >  Super Search, or by clicking the Search button in the top right corner of the Lawtrac application. Users can select/de-select more than one Text Category per search to filter the results. See the Super Search guide for further detail.


Enhancement: The All Matter Records screen is now a user permission that allows non-administrators and non-super users to access all matter records that they are assigned to and that they have permission to view. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-8028

Additional Detail: This permission will be turned on by default for Super Users, but will be turned off by default for all regular users. It can be found in a User's profile in the Application Permissions screen > Matters column. When enabled, regular users with this new permission should only see matters that match their security group setting and matters they're assigned to. Super Users can always see the All Matter Records link regardless of their permissions. See the Application Permissions page in the User Guide for further detail.


Enhancement: In-House users have the ability to set configurable timeout thresholds for Key Personnel users separately from In-House users.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-11351

Additional Detail: This configuration is set in My Lawtrac > Application Administration > Application & Database > Security Options. It assists In-House users setting the timeout threshold separately from In-House users, since Key Personnel are typically in the Lawtrac application for less amount of time than other users. Key Personnel users will be prompted with a warning before they're logged out. The Security Options page details the respective logout configuration options.


Enhancement:  Within the database, the passwords for the following user types are now salted and hashed when stored: Personnel, Vendor Staff, Key Personnel, and Utility.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-10068

Additional Detail: The primary function of salting the password hashes is to safeguard passwords while they're in storage. This update enhances the security of each individual user who is stored in the Lawtrac database. 


Enhancement:  Default user profiles of Administrator, Attorney, and General User were added to the Lawtrac Database. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9549

Additional Detail: These profiles were added to the Permissions Profile drop-down list.


Enhancement: In-house users can add and control which fields appear on a Key Personnel's SSP Request submission form. This allows users to adjust the submission forms to fit into their organization's unique workflows.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9385

Additional Detail: This is accessed via My Lawtrac > Application Administration > Key Personnel tab. See the Request Form Fields page for further detail. 


Enhancement: Updates made to rate cards from the Outside Counsel interface are recorded in the Lawtrac system in the Vendor Activities screen.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7810

Additional Detail: See the Vendor Activities page in the Outside Counsel Guide for Firms & Vendors for further detail.


Enhancement:  Legal Department users have the ability to create and use templates when rejecting matter requests submitted from the Self-Service Portal.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9372

Additional Detail: LD users can create and save rejection response templates for Key Personnel requests. They are able to choose a template from the drop-down screen on the matter requests page, rather than manually typing in the rejection response. See the Key Personnel Rejections page for further detail.


Key Personnel Enhancements

Enhancement: Key Personnel users now have the ability to search and access documents on matters they have permissions to view.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9386

Additional Detail: Key Personnel users can access, view, edit, and search matter documents that they upload to the Self-Service Portal Request and any matters created from requests. This can all be done without needing to be granted permission by a Legal Department user. See the Document Management for Key Personnel page for further detail.


Enhancement:  This enhancement gives Key Personnel users the ability to approve, reject, and comment on Self-Service Portal requests via Routing Slips.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9908

Additional Detail: See the Routing Slips for Key Personnel page for further detail.


Enhancement: Key Personnel users are able to view Outside Counsel, Matter Documents, and additional fields within matters. This information is readily available when KP users are creating, editing, submitting, or viewing Self-Service portal requests.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9487

Additional Detail: As of Lawtrac 4.3, KP users are able to see assigned Outside Counsel on their assigned matters. They are also able to access matter documents that they have permissions for. The View Only access should be turned on by default on any documents that the KP user submits themselves. Lastly, KP users are able to see any additional fields that an LT Admin has enabled for use on the Self-Service Portal Request submission form. See the Request Form Fields page for further detail. 


Enhancement: In-house legal department users can substitute one Key Personnel user for the original KP user on a specific request, open matter, or closed matter. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9374

Additional Detail: This functionality allows In-house users to have full control over the requests and matters in their system. Legal Department administrators are able to transfer matters between KP users upon the release, termination, or assignment change of another Key Personnel user. See the Substitutions page in the Administrator User Guide for more detail. 


Enhancement: In-House legal department users can track Key Personnel substitutions in Action Reports and within matters.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-11634

Additional Detail: Substitution transaction details can be found on the Transaction Record tab within a matter and in the Activity tab on the Action Report. See the Substitutions page in the Administrator User Guide for more detail. 


Enhancement: In-House and Key Personnel users now have the ability to see a snapshot of their original matter requests (submitted from the Self-Service Portal). 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9376

Additional Detail: A snapshot of the original submission is added to the matter as a document attachment and contains all of the original fields and data filled in by the Key Personnel user. This submissions snapshot will not change or update when the corresponding matter is edited or updated. See the Document List page in the User Guide for further detail.


Report Writer Enhancements

Enhancement: Legal Department users have the ability to save and share existing Report Writer reports. This functionality allows users to make adjustments to existing reports while not losing the original report and without having to rebuild the new report from scratch.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9502

Additional Detail: This functionality only applies to the Lawtrac Report Writer reports, not standard reports. Additionally, the ability to overwrite existing templates, via the Overwrite the report template checkbox, has been removed. See the Report Templates page in the Report Writer User Guide for further detail. 


Enhancement: The following filter parameters were added to the Lawtrac Report Writer:
Days Active (11640) Matter Team Members (9714)
Parties and Entities (9500) Firm and Vendor Extra Date (9741)
Party and Entity Types (9732) Firms and Vendors Additional Data (11643)
Party and Entity Names (9723) Invoice Chargebacks (11642)
Invoice Approvers (9501) Type5 Export Code (11641)

Tracking Code: LTCOL-11640, 9500, 9501, 9714, 9741, 11643, 11642, 11641

Additional Detail: These filter parameters were added to the existing parameters in the Display Info tab in the Report Writer module. See the Step 2: Select Matter Display Information page in the Report Writer guide for further detail.


Enhancement: When given the respective permissions, Key Personnel users can edit edit fields on existing, Pending matter requests. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9387

Additional Detail: This rule only applies to exiting, pending matter requests. Fields cannot be edited or changed once the request moves out of Pending status. Legal Department Administrator users have the ability to enable/disable the editable fields in My Lawtrac > Application Administration > Key Personnel tab > Request Form Fields (menu option 7). Legal Dept. Admins can review the Request Form Fields page in the online help for further detail on how to enable/disable editable fields.


Collaborati-Lawtrac Enhancements

Enhancement: Existing Lawtrac-Collaborati vendors can add a large number (5,000+) Matter Records in Lawtrac and successfully sync and display them in Collaborati.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7679

Additional Detail: There are several prerequisites that precede this process - see the Syncing Matters from Lawtrac to Collaborati page for further detail.


Enhancement: Lawtrac users can associate and map multiple Collaborati Timekeeper records with Lawtrac Staff records at the same time. 

Tracking Code: LTCOL-9592

Additional Detail: All enhancements and changes to this feature can be found on the Manage Collaborati Timekeepers page.


Resolved Issues

The following items are changes and enhancements built into Lawtrac 4.3.0. Each issue is documented in the following format: 

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional Information, if applicable


Issue: Users could see all Scheduled Tasks that corresponded to matters that weren't theirs and matters that they did not share a Security Group with. 
Tracking code: LSP-10449
Case Number: 2017-0809-390724

Issue: Comments and Reasons for invoice adjustments were not visible to Firm/Vendor users.
Tracking code: LSP-9723
Case Number: 2017-0608-377430

Issue: Changes were not saved when a user was substituted on the Alternate Approval Chain. The initial user stayed listed on the Matter's Alternate Approval Chain, while the user who was supposed to replace them disappeared from the matter altogether.
Tracking code: LSP-9997
Case Number: 2017-0627-381374

Issue: No warning message was received when an invoice that had the Paid Date and Date to Accounting fields populated was deleted. Invoices with those fields filled in should not be able to be deleted. 
Tracking code: LSP-10093
Case Number: 2017-0713-385090

Issue: Permission Profile selections did not match the permission options on the Legal Staff record.
Tracking code: LSP-10140
Case Number: 2017-0718-385890

Issue: Error thrown and incorrect data was pulled when running a report on invoices from a specific fiscal year. This happened when a firm had several invoices for at least 2 fiscal years.
Tracking code: LSP-10314
Case Number: 2017-0731-388657

Issue: While recording Time Accounting on a matter, the following fields returned null results in the TimeAccounting table: YearOf, MonthOf, DayOf, WeekOf, DayOfYear.
Tracking code: LSP-10490
Case Number: 2017-0609-377699

Issue: The Filing Date, Issue Date, Renewal Date, Base Date, and Expiration Date captions did not display in the Patent/Trademark and were NULL in the database.
Tracking code: LSP-10551
Case Number: 2017-0823-393606

Issue: The Recent Activity list allowed users to view a list of matter which they were not not authorized to view. 
Tracking code: LSP-10559
Case Number: 2017-0824-393954

Issue: A 500 Error was thrown and results did not display when a Spend by Matter by Law Firm report was generated.
Tracking code: LSP-10725
Case Number: 2017-0901-395532

Issue: Error was generated in the Report Writer module when user selected Between Dates criteria then clicked Quick Preview. The error message appeared on screen, but no error was found in the ColdFusion logs.
Tracking code: LSP-10733
Case Number: 2017-0912-397794

Issue: Export codes associated to Type5 did not display consistently when invoices were generated as PDFs. The spacing between the chargeback information and export code was inconsistent.
Tracking code: LSP-10918
Case Number: 2017-0727-388028

Issue: Two invoices for the same Firm, same Matter, and same amount were not totaled together due to the system acting as if invoices were duplicates of each other, rather than totaling both amounts together. 
Tracking code: LSP-10988
Case Number: 2017-0926-401055

Issue: The 1st-4th Quarter periods did not default to the correct quarter based on the Fiscal Year 2018 settings.
Tracking code: LSP-11022
Case Number: 2017-1002-402343

Issue: The Legal Hold Notification Report did not display the Legal Hold Verification in the last column.
Tracking code: LSP-11092
Case Number: 2017-0929-402131

Issue: Error message thrown when any matter record was opened. 
Tracking code: LSP-11215
Case Number: 2017-1026-408463

Issue: No warning message appeared on the screen to warn users that all previous action taken on an Invoice (e.g. rejection, approval, review) resets when the invoice is moved from one matter to another. 
Tracking code: LSP-11392
Case Number: 2017-1117-414602

Issue: The Collaboratisynclog.EndTime value was not populated in the database which caused the sync to stall out.
Tracking code: LSP-11474
Case Number: 2017-1120-414876

Issue: A Vendor's status remained in Waiting for Client Approval after the client approved the vendor and respective Timekeepers.
Tracking code: LSP-11590
Case Number: 2017-1214-420640

Issue: Notifications were not sent to a user that were assigned as the Last Invoice Handler.
Tracking code: LSP-11638
Case Number: 2018-0102-423054

Issue: Corresponding Position Titles did not display in the Key Personnel list after a new KP user was added to the system. 
Tracking code: LSP-4732
Case Number: 2016-0321-238640

Issue: Error was thrown when user tried to access a matter record that had over 300 document.
Tracking code: LSP-8338
Case Number: 2017-0118-339152

Issue: Error message thrown when user clicked on the Document Management tab on a matter with over 300 documents.
Tracking code: LSP-8338
Case Number: 2017-0118-339152

Issue: Error occurred while rendering a report in the Lawtrac Report Writer. 
Tracking code: LSP-9131
Case Number: 2017-0308-348410

Issue: The Hold Type did not save while editing a matter.
Tracking code: LSP-9873
Case Number: 2017-0623-380856

Issue: Incorrect headings displayed on the Screen Layout page when a user navigated between the tabs.
Tracking code: LSP-11335
Case Number: 2017-1110-412502

Issue: The Blank or Not Blank Date Filed selections did not save while user created a report in the Lawtrac Report Writer. 
Tracking code: LSP-11458
Case Number: 2017-1121-415209

Issue: Error thrown and country not saved when user selected Barbados as the State/Country Name to the Geographic Settings.
Tracking code: LSP-10391
Case Number: 2017-0807-390218

Issue: Error thrown when user tried to change a matter's Primary Contact's State to Null (meaning the user deselected the state altogether).
Tracking code: LSP-10658
Case Number: 2017-0711-384568

Issue: When invoices were submitted from Collaborati to Lawtrac, the user listed as the first Invoice Handler did not receive notifications for the submitted invoices. 
Tracking code: LSP-11699
Case Number: 2018-0105-423834

Issue: The Lawtrac system's location-related dropdown menus were fixed to provide both 'Country/Region' options rather than just 'Region'. 
Tracking code: LSP-11863
Case Number: 2018-0131-429140

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