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Syncing Matter Records from Lawtrac to Collaborati

This guide details how to sync a matter from Lawtrac to Collaborati, how to allow e-billing on closed matters, and defines the requirements for a successful sync.

The steps below detail how to sync matter records from Lawtrac to Collaboati. Existing Lawtrac-Collaborati vendors can add a large number (5,000+) Matter Records in Lawtrac and successfully sync and display them in Collaborati.

In Collaborati:

Client authorized matters are shown on the Matters screen in Collaborati. 

  1. From anywhere in the Collaborati application, select the Matters tab. The Matters screen opens with a list of client-authorized matter records.
  2. Click on matter name to view matter details.
Requirements for a successful matter sync:
  1. The matter records must be assigned to a valid Collaborati vendor.
  2. A matter record must have a primary (lead) role assigned.
    • See step 2a in the To Sync a Matter from Lawtrac to Collaborati section below for further detail.
  3. If a matter record is reopened, it must have a last update date greater than the last Collaborati Sync Time
  4. If a matter record is closed and was never synced with Collaborati, it must be reopened to obtain a Collaborati Matter ID. This needs to be done despite the setting in Lawtrac, where vendors are allowed to bill against a closed matter record up to 366 days. 
To Sync a Matter from Lawtrac to Collaborati:
  1. Log in to Lawtrac as an admin user, and navigate to the matter record to be synced to Collaborati. (Through My Matters or any other method)
  2. From the matter record, click the Legal Team tab. 
    • If nobody is assigned to the Lead Attorney role, click the Add Individual link. Select the individual in the dropdown lists to assign the Lead Attorney role.
  3. Assign a Collaborati firm or vendor record to the matter record.
    • From the matter record, click the Firms & Vendors tab.
    • Click the Add Firm / Vendor link, then type in the name of the firm or vendor record in Lawtrac to add to the matter.
    • Click the List Matching Firms and Vendors button to see a list of matching results. Click the respective name of the firm or vendor record.
    • Select the check boxes of any firm/vendor staff members to assign to the matter (optional).
    • Click the Assign Firm / Vendor button.
  4. To get to the Sync Screen, navigate the following path:
    • My Lawtrac > Application Administration
    • Click the Application & Database tab
    • Select Collaborati Settings (menu option #8)
    • Click the Sync Now button
  5. Lawtrac will synchronize to Collaborati.

After successful synchronization, the matter record should be available in Collaborati for assigned vendor accounts.