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View Invoice History in Collaborati

The History screen displays all the events in the invoice creation, submission, and approval or rejection process. The details include date, invoice number, user, description and time stamp for the following events:

  • Invoice Upload
  • Invoice Submit
  • Invoice Approval
To retrieve the Invoice History:
  1. From anywhere in Collaborati, select the Invoices tab.
  2. The Track Invoices screen opens.
  3. Choose the History sub-navigation link.
  4. The History screen opens.
  5. Click the Show search options link and complete the following fields:
    • ​​​Date Range — Enter the desired dates for historical information in the date range fields in mm/dd/yyyy format, or click the  calendar icon to select dates.
    • Invoice No — Enter the invoice number you are searching for, if known.
    • Description — Enter descriptive key words about the invoice that may likely be found in the invoice line item details or invoice header information.
    • User — Select the user who created this invoice, if known.
  6. Click Search.

The application will use the search criteria entered to find matching invoices.


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