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The Wizards module provides many timesaving features for Suite users. Document creation is combined with database updates, and complex or tedious tasks can be accomplished with a minimum of effort. Each wizard provides step-by-step instruction for performing the specified task.

Wizard Categories

Categories are a method of grouping wizards based on their function. As new wizards are added to Suite, categories will keep them organized.

Only a user with Reports Administrator or System Administrator access rights can assign a wizard to a category with the exception of Favorites. To add a wizard to your list of favorites, select the item and click Add to Favorites.

Available Wizards

Address Consolidation Wizard — Allows you to merge multiple address records in the case of an entity being merged or an address change.

Change Status Wizard — Simplifies the task of changing the status of an entity.

Copy Data Wizard — Allows you to copy data from one entity to another. The most practical use for this task is for creating new entities that contain much of the same information as an entity currently in the database.

Corporate Meeting Wizard — Guides you through the preparation of documents for corporate meetings using information entered in Secretariat and dates selected on the wizard screens. This wizard also updates the database to reflect the new Last Elected Date for re-elected positions and adds the date for newly elected positions.

Global Appoint/Promote/Retire Positions Wizard — Aids in the preparation of documents and updates the database for the following events:

  • when appointing a person/company to one or more entities.
  • when promoting a person/company from one position to another across one or more entities.
  • when a person/company is being retired from one or more positions. You also may choose to replace the retiree with a new person/company.

Global Sort Order Update Wizard — Makes mass updates to the sort order of position records.

The following topics will help you get started using the Wizards in Secretariat.


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