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Preparing Documents in the Wizards Module

The final step in the Global Appoint/Promote/Retire Positions Wizard and the Corporate Meeting Wizard  is document creation. Follow the steps below to generate the required documents.

þÿ HotDocs does not support the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Use Internet Explorer to prepare the documents.

To Prepare Documents in the Wizards Module:

  1. Click Generate Documents on the last screen of a wizard.
  2. Select the document(s) to be prepared.
  3. Click Prepare to generate the documents.
  4. If the document requires signature lines or any other data to complete, a dialog box will prompt you to provide the requested information. With the Secretariat default template, the signature line officer(s) for the Shareholder Consent is chosen from the list of officers from the parent company(s). If a parent company cannot be found, a warning message will be displayed and you will be given the option of selecting the signature line officers from the company itself.
  5. HotDocs will review the document for missing information. If data was found for every variable, click the Finish button to close the window.
    If data was not found for every variable, you will be prompted to complete the information. Click the Finish button when you are done. You will then be prompted to save the information entered as an answer file. It is recommended that the changes not be saved; the database will not be affected.
  6. Enter any further data that is required (such as the meeting date, in this example), and then click  Continue.
  7. Once prepared, the entry for each document in the Path & Filename column will change to the path and filename of the prepared document. The location of the file is configured through HotDocs. Select a document or all documents and click the Save button on the Document Assembly Wizard screen to save the document(s).
  8. Click OK on the message box informing you that documents will be saved to the Notes/History tab. Corporate documents will be saved in the Notes/History/Charts tab of the selected entity; resignation letters will be saved to the selected person’s Notes/History tab and the entity’s Notes/History/Charts tab.

After you have saved a file in this manner, open the file in subsequent sessions of Secretariat from the Notes/History or Notes/History/Charts tab of the appropriate module.

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