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Getting Started with Calendar Appointments and Tasks

When Mitratech Office Link Outlook add-in is installed and the Calendaring function is enabled, Mitratech Office Link synchronizes appointments and tasks between Suite (eCounsel or Secretariat) and Microsoft Outlook.

Note that you can only send eCounsel appointments and tasks to eCounsel users, and you can only send Secretariat appointments and tasks to Secretariat users.


Mitratech Office Link Outlook requires the following for appointments and tasks:

  • User must have access to an instance of Suite (eCounsel, Secretariat, or both).
  • User must have Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 installed on a local machine. Mitratech Office Link does not support cloud-based versions of Outlook.
  • Mitratech Office Link Outlook Add-in must be installed on the local machine.
  • Mitratech Office Link Calendaring function must be enabled. See your administrator to enable this function.
  • Users must enter a valid e-mail address in eCounsel or Secretariat by clicking the Tools menu, selecting Preferences, and selecting Calendar.
  • Any previous installations of Bridgeway Calendar Link must be disabled.
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