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User Fields

You can create custom user fields to enter information in eCounsel and Secretariat. Two types of custom fields are available in Suite:

  • Corporate-wide fields are by module, which means the fields may be available to any user with access to that module.
  • Type-specific fields are assigned to a specific entity or matter type. Type-specific fields will only be available in a record assigned to that entity or matter type.

These custom fields are subject to view profiles and can be added in the following places:

  • Default tabs – These are the tabs in the default configuration of Suite.
  • User Fields tab – The default configuration of Suite includes a tab available to each module for user-defined fields.
  • Custom tabs – Tabs and subtabs you create specifically for your organization.

þÿ  Tabs that do not support on-demand fields include:

  • The Document File subtab on the Documents tab in all modules in eCounsel.
  • The Notes/History Files subtab on the History/Notes tab in all modules in Secretariat.
  • The Costs tab and Cost Details subtab in the Matters module in eCounsel.
  • Time module in eCounsel.
  • The Related Matters tab in all modules in eCounsel.
  • The Employees tab in the Entities module in eCounsel.
  • Securities main tab in the Entities module in Secretariat (although you can create a user field on any of the subtabs for Equity, Debt, and Partnership Interest).
  • Titles module in Secretariat.
  • Search module in eCounsel and/or Secretariat

þÿIf you are adding custom fields to the Contact Info tab in the People or Entities modules, you must add the fields at the Address or Communication level, not on the Contact Info level.

þÿAlthough you can add user fields to the Calendar tab of the Entities module (Secretariat) or Matters module (eCounsel), the calendar event will not be editable from the Calendar module. In this case, you can only edit the calendar event in the Entities or Matters module on the Calendar tab.

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