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Masks restrict the characters that can be entered in a field. If a user attempts to enter a character that is not within the parameters set by a mask, the character is not accepted. Validation is performed on a character-by-character basis. Masks also can be used in fields that will always have data entered in a specific manner, such as telephone numbers and identification numbers.

The following are examples of masks:


Mask Expression


Social Security Number



This regular expression will match a hyphen- separated Social Security Number (SSN) in the format XXX-XX-XXXX, where X is any integer.

Matches: 333-22-4444, 123-45-6789

Non-Matches: 123456789, SSN



This expression matches dates of the form XX/XX/YYYY, where XX can be 1 or 2 digits and YYYY is always 4 digits.

Matches: 4/1/2001, 12/12/2001, 55/5/3434 Non-Matches: 1/1/01, 12 Jan 01, 1-1-2001

Phone Number (XXX-XXX- XXXX)


This expression matches a hyphen separated

U.S. phone number, of the form ANN-NNN- NNNN, where A is an integer between 2 and 9 and N is an integer between 0 and 9.

Matches: 800-555-5555, 333-444-5555, 212-


Non-Matches: 000-000-0000, 123-456-7890,


Time (HH:MM)


Validate an hour entry to be between 00:00 and 23:59.

Matches: 00:00, 13:59, 23:59

Non-Matches: 24:00, 23:60

Decimal Number (XX.XX)

[-]?([1-9]{1}[0-9]{0,}(\.[0- 9]{0,2})?|0(\.[0-


This regular expression will match on a real/decimal/floating point/numeric string with no more than 2 digits after the decimal. The negative sign (–) is allowed. No leading zeroes or commas.

Matches: 123, 123.54, –.54

Non-Matches: 123.543 0012; 1,000.12

Percentage (%)

[-+]?[0- 9][\d]{0,2}(\.[\d]{1,2})?%?

Required and regular expression validator. For supporting –999.99 to +999.99. Positive and negative integer/ decimal validations.

Percentage sign also is supported. This expression will not allow empty strings. Can increase/decrease the range as needed.

Matches: 12.3, 123, –123.45

Non-Matches: –, 10.1234, –1234



Matches any integer number or numeric string, including positive and negative value characters (+ or –). Also matches empty strings.

Matches: 123, –123, +123

Non-Matches: abc, 3.14159,



This mask will use the user- defined currency settings in Suite Manager.

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