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Creating a User-defined Field

Two types of custom fields exist:

  • Corporate-wide fields are by module, which means the fields may be available to any user with access to that module.
  • Type-specific fields are assigned to a specific entity or matter type. Type-specific fields will only be available in a record assigned to that entity or matter type.

These custom fields are subject to view profiles and can be added in the following places:

  • Default tabs – These are the tabs in the default configuration of Suite.
  • User Fields tab – The default configuration of Suite includes a tab available to each module for user-defined fields.
  • Custom tabs – Tabs and subtabs you create specifically for your organization.

To Create a User-defined Field:

  1. Open Suite Manager.
  2. On the Suite Manager control panel, click the icn_User_Fields User Fields component in the System Configuration area.
  3. On the User Fields window, click New.
  4. On the User Field Information dialog box, select the module, tab, and/or entity/matter type for which the field is being created. Any field that is not specific to an entity or matter type will be designated as corporate-wide. See User Fields for more information.
  5. Type the name of the field in the Description text box, then select one of the following data types:
  • Comment – An exploding memorandum field.
  • Date/Time – A pop-up calendar field.
  • Hyperlink – A definable, active hyperlink. See Creating a Hyperlink Field.
  • Logical – A checkbox that will be either true (checkmark) or false (no checkmark).
  • Lookup – A dropdown list of selections.
  • Multi-Select – A dropdown list that has a checkbox by each item allowing more than one selection to be made.
  • Number – Strictly numeric characters.
  • Select – A pop-up list of people, entities, or matters (eCounsel only) from which to select.
  • String – A series of characters (can be letters and/or numbers).
  1. If the field is a String or Number data type, type the format to be used when entering data in the field. See Masks for more information. If the field is a Lookup or Multi-Select data type, select a lookup category.
  2. Type a numeric indication of the position of the field on the tab. For example, “1” indicates the field will appear first, “2” indications the field will appear second, etc.
  3. Click on the Required checkbox to indicate data is required to be entered in the field in order to save the record.
  4. Click Save and Close.
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