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Lookup codes are the selections available in dropdown lists. Specifying the choices to be displayed has many uses, including:

  • Prevents incorrect information from being entered.
  • Keeps a user from having to scroll through irrelevant lists.
  • Creates precise and well-defined reports.

Suite applications come configured with most of the lookup codes you will probably use. You can create additional codes and change the selections available in a dropdown list, but categories and lookup codes that are database-required cannot be edited or deleted. If you try to edit or delete these, you will receive an error message. You will also receive an error message if you attempt to delete a category or lookup code (other than system-defined) that is still in use.

The Lookups window in Suite Manager allows you to manage the dropdown list options. Assigning the lookup code to a dropdown list field is done from the Modules/Tabs window.

Lookup codes work in a hierarchal manner. Categories are established first, then lookup codes, and finally, if necessary, subcodes. A category is a classification, such as entity type or address. Lookup codes are the choices that will display in a dropdown list field based on the category.

Subcodes are ancillary lookup codes that are limited by a subcategory.


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