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Suite Configurability

Suite is highly configurable to meet your company’s particular needs, and Suite Manager is the application System Administrators can use to configure Suite.

Configuration Tools in Suite Manager

The default implementations of eCounsel and Secretariat contain modules, tabs, and fields at the finest granular level. For each module, you can configure Suite in several different areas:

  • User fields – New fields can be defined to appear on existing tabs or on on-demand (user- defined) tabs.
  • On-demand tabs – New user-defined tabs can be created with user-defined fields on each.
  • Type profiles – These profiles change the appearance of Suite for all users based on the type(s) of matter (eCounsel) or entity (Secretariat) being created.
  • View profiles – These profiles change the appearance of Suite for all user groups that have been assigned to the profile.
  • Security attributes – These attributes control access to different aspects of Suite for individual users.
  • Security attribute profiles – These profiles control access to data in the database, widgets to be placed on the home page of each application, reports, logical groups, and wizards.


Security may be set in several different areas within Suite Manager. If a conflict is created (such as a view profile is more restrictive than a type profile), the more restrictive security setting is applied.

Guidelines for configuring by view or type profile:

  • Configuration by view profile will only affect users in groups assigned to that view profile. Configuration by type profile will affect all users.
  • Type profiles will affect only the field on the tab on which the configuration was made. The same field on a different tab will not change.
  • Type profile configurations in the Entities module in Secretariat are done by entity type. In eCounsel, rule configurations in the Matters module are by matter type. These modules are the only ones to which the type profiles apply.
  • Fields can use a specific data entry format. (For more information, see Customizing a User- defined Field.)
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