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Creating and Configuring an On-Demand Tab

Custom, or on-demand, tabs can be added easily to any module to meet your organization’s needs. User-defined fields can be added to these and the default tabs.

To Create and Configure Access to a Custom Tab:

  1. Add a new tab to a module 
  2. Create any corporate-wide user-defined fields to be placed on the tab (see page 52).
  3. For matter and entity types, set access to the tab using type profiles (see page 84). You also can configure access to a field using type profiles through the Modules/Tabs
    window (see page 39).
  4. For users assigned to a group, set access to the tab and fields on the tab using view profiles (see page 98).

Other methods to configure access to a field using view profiles include:

  • customizing the field from the User Fields window (see page 52).
  • configuring access to the tab (see page 35).
  • configuring access to a field for the tab (see page 39).
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