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Welcome to Suite Manager!

Suite Manager manages Secretariat and eCounsel, the applications that make up Suite. Through Suite Manager, you will manage user IDs, establish security protocol, configure, and customize to meet your company’s needs. For some functions, you will need to log into Suite Manager using the system login ID. The system login ID cannot be used to launch Secretariat or eCounsel.

For purposes of consistency, all illustrations in this document are of the full Suite installation using default settings. Unless otherwise noted, the configurations and actions described in this help system will affect both eCounsel and Secretariat.

Using this Guide 

  • A bold font designates a button name, menu, page, dialog box, or tab within eCounsel. 
  • An italic font designates a menu command, checkbox, option, or widget. 
  • File paths and directories are formatted like this. For example: c:\My Documents
  • Text that appears in italic within angled brackets (such as <Server>) is called a placeholder representing information you must supply. 
  • The names of pages, dialog boxes, and menu options are capitalized when they appear in text. Additionally, the word “tab” is often used to denote an area (a panel) within a module. In these instances, the word will be capitalized as well, as in the Base Info tab. 
  • References to keys on the keyboard are indicated in brackets, such as <CTRL>. 
  • The  is used for indicating information of particular importance to the section or area of Suite.
  • The  is used for warnings or important notes for the section or area of Suite.
  • The þÿ symbol marks features that are premium and may require a separate installation and/or a registration key code.
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