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Invoice Management

Lawtrac 4.1 introduces Lawtrac Spend Management, an integration between Lawtrac and Collaborati. The e-Billing portal Collaborati is an optional, secure, web-based application used by outside counsel and other vendors to submit electronic invoices and rate requests. The In-House Legal team still uses the Lawtrac application for all matter management needs, and your law firms and vendors have the option of continuing to use Lawtrac as an e-Billing platform. If your vendor is using Collaborati, click here to learn more.

Invoices are a core part of matter management, and Lawtrac provides numerous ways to track and manage them.

Select Invoice Management from the Finance tab.


Refine Search Results

Search for invoices by using the search filter at the top of the Invoice Management page.

  1. View an invoice by clicking an invoice number from the list.

  2. Search invoices from the Invoice Management page by using the Refine Results area above the list of 50 most recent invoices (change the maximum amount of invoices displayed per page by selecting a number from the Display Most Recent drop-down list). Enter part or all of an invoice number in the search text box and click Search.

  3. Optionally, use the radio buttons radio button to show only invoices to which you are assigned, unapproved invoices, invoices with documents, and/or invoices with electronic transfer.

Invoices are listed by invoice number (which is displayed as a navigational link to the invoice's detail page), submitting firm/company, invoice creation date, associated matter number, total current invoice amount (in its original currency), and status (pending, rejected, or approved).

Invoices with e-Billing or supporting documents are distinguished by the lightning bolt icon or support docs icon icons, respectively.

Lawtrac supports the following types of invoices:

  • Summary—Invoices that include the summarized totals.
  • Detailed—Invoices with line item information.
  • LEDES—Invoices with line item information that law firms and vendors submit electronically
  • Pre-approved—Invoices that were approved on a matter before entered into the Lawtrac database.


Invoice Management Sidebar Options:



Pending Approval

View invoices assigned to you that require your approval, or view all invoices pending approval.

Pending Handling

Open a list of invoices that require action from you as an invoice handler.

Recent Invoices

View the 50 most recent invoices. This is the default page when opening Invoice Management. Use the Refine Results area above the list of invoices to change the maximum amount listed.

Add New Detailed Invoice

Add an invoice that contains line items.

Add New Summary Invoice

Add an invoice that does not require line items.

Oldest Not Approved

View a list of invoices pending approval or rejected for a specific time period.

Approval Schema

View and edit the approval schema.

Chargeback Overview

View an overview for chargebacks for a specific invoice, matter record, or time period.

Chargeback Activity

View the 100 most recent chargebacks.

Recently Received

View invoices received on a particular day.



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