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How to Find Open E-Verify Cases for Terminated I-9s

This shows how a user can find open E-Verify cases for terminated I-9s.


To complete the E-Verify process, employers are required to close every case, including those cases for employees who are no longer employed. 

By default, the terminated I-9s with open cases do not appear in the dashboard under the E-Verify section.


  1. Access the View E-Verify Cases report via the E-Verify menu dropdown.
  2. Select Yes for the Terminated option and click on Apply Filter. The results will show the terminated I-9s that have open E-Verify cases.


What's Next?

If there are any terminated I-9s that have open E-Verify cases, please close the case.

If there was incorrect information entered, please close the case by following this article: Case Submitted with Incorrect Information. Since the employee is terminated, you do not need to create a new case.

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