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How To Find Your E-Verify Client Company Identification Number

This shows how to find the E-Verify Client Company ID number.


The E-Verify Client Company Identification Number is a number that the employer may need to provide as proof of E-Verify usage. For example, F-1 students applying for a STEM OPT extension must provide their employer’s E-Verify company ID number or valid E-Verify client company ID number on their Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, in order to be granted the STEM OPT extension. 

The E-Verify client company ID number consists of four to seven numerical characters.

Client Admin

A client admin can view the E-Verify Client Company Identification Number on the employer page.

  1. Log in as a client admin.
  2. Select the employer.


  1. The E-Verify Client Company Identification Number appears in the field labeled "E-Verify Employer Agent ID".



The E-Verify Client Company ID number is also located on the top of each page of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for you e-verify account with the label "Client Company ID Number", if you have retained a copy of your MOU from when you .

Example of test MOU:


Note that since Mitratech Tracker is an E-Verify employer agent, the "Company ID Number" is specific to Mitratech Tracker.

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