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How To Find Your E-Verify Client Company Identification Number

This shows how to find the E-Verify Client Company ID number.


The E-Verify Client Company Identification Number is a number that the employer may need to provide as proof of E-Verify usage. For example, F-1 students applying for a STEM OPT extension must provide their employer’s E-Verify company ID number or valid E-Verify client company ID number on their Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, in order to be granted the STEM OPT extension. 

The E-Verify client company ID number consists of four to seven numerical characters.

Client Admin

A client admin can view the E-Verify Client Company Identification Number on the employer page.

  1. Log in as a client admin.
  2. Select the employer.


  1. The E-Verify Client Company Identification Number appears in the field labeled "E-Verify Employer Agent ID".



The E-Verify client company ID number is also located on the top of each page of the client’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the label "Client Company ID Number".

Example of test MOU:


Note that since Mitratech Tracker is an E-Verify employer agent, the "Company ID Number" is specific to Mitratech Tracker.

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