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Are you sure?

This explains what the user should do for cases on the Are you sure? page.


If the employee’s Form I-9 information does not immediately match DHS and/or SSA records, the "Are you sure?" screen may appear so the user can confirm that the information entered is correct. Users may either confirm that the information is correct or change the information in the prompted fields if they entered the information incorrectly.



  1. Review information on the screen to ensure that it is correct.
  2. Select the appropriate option, indicating whether the information displayed is correct. For example, if the information is correct, select "This information is correct".


  1. If the information is not correct, select "This information is not correct". Then, enter the correct information in the field that appears below. Note: If you correct the information on this page, please also correct the information in Section 1 and/or Section 2 of the Form I-9.


  1. Once all the fields are selected as correct or updated, click on the Continue button to continue. Please note that if at least one field is not selected, you will not be able to continue.


In rare cases, the I-9 manager may not be able to determine whether the information is correct. For example, if the I-9 manager mistakenly submitted another employee's information to E-Verify, but the correct employee does not have the document that was submitted to E-Verify, then the I-9 manager is unable to correct the document number. In this case, the I-9 manager may select "This information is correct" and continue. See Case Submitted with Incorrect Information.

What's Next?

Possible next statuses that appear after the "Are you sure?" page are Employment Authorized, Photo Match, Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC), and E-Verify Needs More Time.

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