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TeamConnect 6.3

TeamConnect 6.3
This guide offers links to installation instructions, articles about the new features and release notes for TeamConnect 6.3. Previous versions are available from the TeamConnect PDF Hub.

Release Notes

TeamConnect 6.3 Release Notes
Financial Management 6.3 Release Notes
Essentials 6.3 Release Notes
TCBI 6.3 Release Notes

Date Release Version Release Summary
February 2021 TeamConnect 6.3

Invoice Review

Invoice Review is modified with UI changes and with lot of new features.

Matter Budget Insight

The Matter Budget Insight block displays the details of the accounts associated with the matter by selecting the drop-down values and provide all the necessary details of invoices and budgets linked to the matter accounts. The block is visible only when the invoice is posted for approval.

CTU Pre-check Validation

Introduced Pre-Check Validation to run the validation logic in the design package as well as to compare the proposed updates to the Target TeamConnect Database with the imported design.

Native Reporting

Left outer join is improved to fetch the relevant data of the selected data sets. To know more about combining data sets by applying join conditions, refer to the Link.

Elasticsearch upgrade to 7.10

Now using Xpack security in place of Search Guard.


Third Party Software Support

Third Party Software Support Matrix

Installation Guides

TeamConnect Platform Links
Installation Requirements
Installation Requirements
Upgrade Considerations
Database Requirements
Installer Requirements
Application and Web Services
Web Browsers
XML Layer Support
Open Source Reference Sheet
Running the Installer
Running the Installer
Installing TeamConnect
Running Database Drop Scripts
Special Considerations for Microsoft Outlook
Creating and Configuring Your Domain (Weblogic Only)
Preparing for Deployment
Configuring Clustered Servers
Configuring Database Connection
Configuring the Java Virtual Machine
Deploying TeamConnect
Verifying Installation
Verifying Installation
Logging in for the First Time
Logging Options
TeamConnect Installer Form
TeamConnect Installer Form
Web Application Parameters

weblogic.xml Parameters Parameters for All Application Servers
Cache Synchronization Parameters
Encryption Tool
Configuring GZIP Compression

Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor Configuration
Verifying Performance Monitor
Upgrading from Previous Versions
Upgrading from Previous Versions
Database Design
Automatic Conversion Processes
Manual Conversion Suggestions
Converting ExpressionBuilder References
Web Folders
Web Folders
Elasticsearch Installation
Elasticsearch Requirements (TCE 6.3)
Elasticsearch Setup for TeamConnect 6.3
Enabling Elasticsearch Xpack Security (TCE 6.3)
Reporting Suite

Business Objects Single Sign-on
Deploying BOSS and Configuring URLs
Native Reports Requirements
TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI)
Reporting Requirements for TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI 6.3)

System Administration
Color Profile Administration





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