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Web Browsers

To provide access to TeamConnect via your organization's URL (for example, http://, set up the appropriate plug-in for your company's web server to proxy (redirect) the HTTP requests to the application server.

You must specify the proxy URL (/ TeamConnect in this example) and the hostname and port used by your application server.

Each web server will have a different procedure and syntax for configuring the plug-in. Refer to your web server's documentation for details.

The TeamConnect 6.3 application platform supports, and is certified for use with, the following web browsers:

Safari (current, Mac only)
Microsoft Edge Chromium (current)
Firefox (current)

Chrome (current)

TeamConnect is best viewed with a browser width minimum of 1366 x 768px.

Note: Safari has an issue when running on 32-bit Mac 10.6.4. Other Mac operating systems, including 64-bit Mac OS, do not have this issue.

Important: The browser options must be set to their default settings. TeamConnect is not certified for use with non-default browser settings.

It is recommended that client workstations do not use JavaScript debugging when accessing TeamConnect or other Mitratech applications.

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